Moroccan living room designs – exotic interiors with an oriental touch

by Kremy

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Morocco’s history is marked by different cultures, civilizations and religions. Berbers, Arabs, Romans have played important roles and left their marks in architecture and home interior. It’s no wonder then that the Moroccan culture is so rich. Their architecture is lavish, lively. Moroccan living room designs take advantage of the inspiring architecture and look exciting, exuberant and very mystical.

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Moroccan living room designs feature bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, plush carpets, lantern lights and comfortable ottomans. Moroccan style inspires you to use bold and extravagant colors for the decor. The geometric patterns and bright accents, large mirrors and glittering surfaces are quite typical for it and add an elegant oriental touch to the interior. When you design your living room in this style you need to select a background color but you need to know that neutral colors are not appropriate. Choose something bold – warm yellow or burnt oranges, turquoise or cyan in order to create the Mediterranean touch. Do not hesitate to fill the room with rich decor in contrasting colors and heavy patterns, if you want to achieve an authentic look. Curtains, bows, arches and keyhole windows and other elements of the classical architecture in the Middle East and will give the living room an authentic appeal.

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Many homeowners want just a touch of Moroccan charm in their rooms. However, at the same time they want to have an elegant, fresh, contemporary character in the room. To achieve a combination between traditional and modern in Moroccan living room design, you need to use bright color accents that beautifully stand out against the background. One of the easiest ways to that is to use floor seating ideas and beautiful floor cushions, ornate curtains, classic rugs and cozy decoration in bright red, yellow and blue shades. You should not forget the role of lighting. Lights, such as lanterns in a Moroccan style, are the detail that is most associated with this culture so make sure they are a visible element of the interior.

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