How to create your own backyard oasis – 20 ideas for a perfect design

by Kremy

how to create a backyard oasis tips ideas

Wouldn’t you just love to sit in a peaceful backyard oasis having a cup of coffee or a cold cocktail, chatting with the neighbors and welcoming your guests. We shall give you some useful tips and ideas how you can transform an ordinary garden into a fascinating escape from stress and everyday life. Any yard – big or small – can be turned into an oasis. Of course, the overall design would be as per the individual taste and preferences of the owner and whether it will be a tranquil Japanese style garden, a patio in Mediterranean style or a modern style backyard – only you could decide. However, you need to think in advance for some elements which will contribute to the visual appeal and the atmosphere of your backyard.

 Transform an ordinary yard into a backyard oasis

backyard oasis infinity pool sunbeds lawn trees


One of the first things you need to consider is the privacy of your backyard oasis. A fence or a privacy screen is essential for your relax. Consider the opportunity for a backyard escape. If you have enough space you can get a gazebo or build a small shed. If the place is not enough, a pergola is a good option and will provide the shade and the comfort for your time outdoors. Of course, water features are most welcome in your backyard retreat. Whether a pool, a fountain or a pond – the presence of water and the sound of running water have a calming effect. Outdoor furniture is also important. It has to be comfortable and relaxing. Loungers would do the trick, but the space is not sufficient, a small bench or a hammock will help you.

Plants for the backyard oasis

waterfall oasis backyard landscape ideas plants ideas

When you come to the stage of choosing plants for your backyard oasis, it is recommendable that you consult with specialists such as landscape architects or professional gardeners. It is best if you used plants that complement each other and your overall design – large evergreen plants like shrubs, perennials and grasses. Remember that your garden should have color accents, because it would look sad and monotonous if you planted only green plants.

backyard oasis ideas amazing swimming pool waterfall palm trees

 A peaceful garden pond and a gazebo

peaceful backyard oasis garden pond gazebo bridge

 A place to relax outdoors

small backyard escape outdoor furniture wooden deck

Even a small backyard can be transformed into an oasis

small backyard oasis privacy fence outdoor furniture

Natural stone and green shrubs

natural elements garden oasis stone slabs garden path

 Comfortable outdoor furniture

backyard escape ideas outdoor furniture colorful pillows

 The sound of water has a calming effect

swimming pool waterfall summer oasis ideas

 A small pond surrounded by plants

retreat ideas garden pond waterfall plants

 An oasis in the city

oasis ideas vertical garden wall outdoor funriture

 Water features are always attractive

patio design oasis waterfall pink flowers trees

A place to dine and chat with family and friends

ideas pergola pillars outdoor furniture

ideas garden pond waterfall lawn

 decorating ideas garden shed ideas

landscape ideas stone path stairs blooming flowers

backyard landscape retreat garden pond palm trees sun loungers

design ideas forest trees firepit iron furniture

garden path ideas design green plants

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