Beautiful trendy hairstyles for long hair with bangs: These bangs will turn your hair into a great eye-catcher!

by Kremy

Should I or should I not? Let’s face it – each of us has asked himself at least once the question of whether we should cut our bangs. One day it’s perfect and the next it’s barely in shape – bangs are a love-hate relationship and it usually takes a lot of courage to take the plunge. But as long as you find the right look, courage will be rewarded this year, because bangs are more popular than they have been for a long time. Whether curtain bangs, wispy bangs, blunt bangs or curly fringe – bangs look cool and certainly there is something suitable for every taste and face shape. The next hairdressing appointment is just around the corner and you want to give your long hair a refreshing update? Then you’ve come to the right place! Look at these trendy hairstyles for long hair with bangs!

Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs: Bottleneck Bangs as a Hair Trend in Summer 2022

summer 2022 hairstyles for long hair with bangs Bottleneck bangs trend

You feel the urge for a visual change, but you don’t have the courage for a classic fringe? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Super casual, chic and totally easy to care for – bottleneck bangs as a trend hairstyle in summer 2022 are the ideal compromise for everyone who only wants a subtle change. The hair runs narrow, starting high on the head, up to the eyebrows and then follows the line of the cheekbones.

hairstyles for long hair with bangs bottleneck bangs hairstyle trend summer 2022


Bottleneck bangs are considered the cooler version of the classic curtain bangs and, in our opinion, are among the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair with bangs. Due to the gentle layers, the hairstyle is perfect for all women and frames the face in an elegant, modern way. And the best thing? Since bottleneck bangs look particularly chic in an undone look, styling takes no more than 5 minutes. Simply blow dry the fringes with a hair dryer, fix with some hair gel or wax and you’re done! So let’s summarize it briefly: A casual look with cool retro vibes and very easy to care for – have you already booked the appointment with the hairdresser?

French Girl Bangs is the Most Casual Trend Hairstyle in Summer 2022

trendy hairstyle summer 2022 beautiful hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Accurate cuts are a thing of the past – casual, effortless and yet stylish hairstyles are very popular this year. If all French women have one thing in common, it’s class and style. Not for nothing are they envied by women all over the world for their outfits and looks. Therefore, it is no surprise that one of the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair with bangs is also inspired by them. The French girl bangs are being hailed as the hairstyle trend of summer 2022.

summer hair trend 2022 French girl fringe

All women with bangs know the problem – when the fringes stick to the forehead in the summer heat, it feels super uncomfortable and styling becomes a real challenge. Not with the French Girl Bangs! The fringe hairstyle is characterized by a fine layered cut that is hardly visible, and the hair is then styled sideways. As a result, the trendy hairstyle works perfectly with absolutely all hair textures – while thick hair is shaped with it, thin hair gains plenty of dynamics and volume. And when it comes to styling, the rule for the French Girl fringe is “the more effort, the better”. The hairstyle should look like you just got out of bed.

Birkin Bangs – Trendy Hairstyle For Long Hair with Bangs

hairstyles for long hair with bangs Birkin Bangs trend hairstyle summer 2022

Classic looks and retro fashion are making a huge comeback this year – including when it comes to hairstyles. Jane Birkin was THE style icon of the 1960s and is still admired today for her flawless French style. In the late 80s, the Hermès fashion house dedicated the famous “Birkin Bag” the actor to – a handbag that today has a real cult. So it’s no surprise that the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair with bangs were also influenced by the fashion legend. Casual, chic and timeless – Birkin Bangs are one of the coolest hairstyle trends in summer 2022 and the new darling of all fashion girls.

Birkin Bangs Trend Hairstyle Summer 2022 long hair

Typical of the Birkin bangs is the slightly messy and casual look, which gives our mane a playful touch. The straight forehead fringes reach to the eyelashes, but should not appear too accurate and strict. The Birkin bangs look much prettier when the hair is feathery and gently caresses the face. The trendy hairstyle is all about embracing and showing off our natural beauty – like a true style icon.

The Micro Bangs Is Back

hairstyles for long hair with bangs micro fringe trend summer 2022

You are not afraid of drastic changes and love to experiment with your looks? Then you are in good hands with this hairstyle for long hair with bangs! The micro bangs, also known as baby bangs, are socially acceptable again and one of the coolest pony hairstyles in summer 2022. Admittedly, opting for such razor-short bangs is not for everyone and the look requires a lot of courage. However, if you dare to take the step, you will not regret it – the micro bangs is a real eye-catcher and the extravagant styling ensures a special, cool look.

Micro bangs summer hair trend 2022

As the name suggests, the hair for micro bangs is cut very short above the eyebrows and gives our mane a modern, refreshing touch. Since the short fringes visually stretch the face, the micro bangs are perfect for women with round faces. The hairstyle is also extremely flattering on oval faces and is a great eye-catcher in combination with a layered cut for long hair.

The Curly Fringe as a Hairstyle Trend for 2022

Curly hairstyles for long hair with bangs curly fringe trend 2022

And now a beautiful hairstyle for long hair with bangs that all curly haired heads will love! Beautifully casual, easy to care for and really chic – curly hairstyles are more popular than ever and the curly fringe is being celebrated as one of the coolest hairstyle trends for 2022. The curly fringes gently caress the face and exude a cool retro feeling. And the best? Since the length is variable, the curly fringe fits all face shapes perfectly. Whether short, long or styled on the side – the main thing is curly and casual!

summer hairstyles for long hair with bangs Curly fringe hairstyle trend

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