What Hairstyle to Sleep In? The Golden Rules to Follow for Beautiful Hair

by Kristiyana

Are you tired of waking up with messy and tangled hair? Do you know that you can spend a minimum of time and avoid this unpleasant situation? What hairstyle to sleep in? How to sleep with long hair? Deavita.net’s editorial team will show you the techniques that protect long hair while you sleep!

What Hairstyle to Sleep In?

what hairstyle to sleep in without damaging curls braid high bun long

One of the most common problems your hair experiences while sleeping is tangling and getting oily. This is why it is advisable to wash your hair before going to bed to prevent it from tangling. This will also stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and remove excess accumulated sebum.

The other important step is to style your hair in such a way that when you wake up, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking ridiculous and unmanageable. Need an easy-to-style haircut? There are plenty of hairstyles that won’t take up much of your time, and you won’t have to pray for stolen minutes when you’re rushing to work in the morning!

Create a Loose Braid

loose braid what hairstyle to sleep in without damaging curls braid high bun long


A braid is an ideal hairstyle for sleeping, easy and quick to achieve, and will create beautiful waves for you when you wake up. You also have the option of placing it sideways to avoid friction on the cushion. Be careful not to tighten it too much so as not to frizz your hair and the ends. Apply a little serum or oil to the length of the hair before braiding to nourish it overnight.

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High and Loose Bun

high and loose bun what hairstyle to sleep how to sleep with long hair

One of the most comfortable and practical hairstyles for sleeping, especially if you have long hair. The high bun is positioned at the top of the head to avoid friction on the pillow during the night. When you wake up, you will obtain a volume effect and natural messy hair. Another effective strategy is to make a ponytail and leave it in the hair tie after tying it for the second time.

What Hairstyle to Sleep In: Hair Wrapped in a Net

hair wrapped in a net what hairstyle for sleeping how to sleep with long hair

A hairnet is another great tool that will provide maximum protection for your hair. If you have lush curls that you can’t tame and are a disaster in the morning, use a hairnet! Put your hair in a scarf and make a loose bun.

How to Sleep with Long Hair?

how to sleep with long hair what hairstyle to sleep curls braid high bun long woman

Women with long hair know very well how painful it can be to wake up and discover its disastrous state! Today, we will offer you with some tips for keeping long hair healthy and in good condition during and after sleep. Our goal is to combat hair friction, which can lead to split ends. Let’s see together what are the steps and preventive measures during sleep for healthy and vibrant hair.

Leave Tight Hairstyles in the Past

avoid tight hairstyles what hairstyle to sleep without damaging curls braid high bun long

It’s a well-known fact that the looser your hair is, the more it gets tangled during sleep, but that’s no reason to tighten your hair until you have a headache. Indeed, the more pressure exerted on the follicles of the scalp increases, the more the hair breaks, which only damages it. In this case, you can replace a tight hairstyle with a loose bun or a low braid, which will keep your hair in place while protecting it from breakage.

Dry Your Hair Before Sleeping

dry your hair before sleeping what hairstyle to sleep in without damaging curls braid high bun long

Due to the potential damage to the hair follicle, your hair is also easily predisposed to bacterial growth. So ladies, get into the habit of drying your hair before going to sleep!

Use a Silk Pillowcase

use a silk pillowcase what hairstyle to sleep without damaging long high bun braid curls

Women who look a lot like Rapunzel with their exquisite long hair should sleep on a silk pillowcase. This way, the hair will be subjected to less friction than with a cotton pillowcase. The silk pillowcase has many benefits, including retaining moisture, which helps protect the hair’s natural sebum.

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