Short Old Money Hairstyles: 15 Gorgeous Ideas That Exude Class & Wealth

by Kristiyana

How to create a look with your short hair that exudes wealth and class, but without trying out anything that is too flashy? How can you style short hair so that it corresponds with what is considered “old money”?

Short Old Money Hairstyles: How to Style Them?

old money short sleek bob haircut

Unlike most TikTok trends, the fascination with the old money aesthetic doesn’t seem to be dying out. The style that is inspired by the fashion of the upper class from the early 20th century has taken social media by force, as old money-influenced outfits and glamorous rich girl hairstyles are among the most wanted by any girl who wants to look effortlessly classy. And old money hair is not just focused on long shiny locks, but you can achieve it with your short lengths as well. How? Follow our lead.

Short Blond Wavy Hair with Pearl Headband

wavy bob haircut with headband old money hair


If you’ve religiously watched Gossip Girl, then this old money hairstyle might be familiar to you. I think that if it wasn’t for Blair Waldorf, the rich hair aesthetic with the headband would have never becomes so popular. A thick black headband or a white one with pearls is one of the easiest and fastest ways to style your hair to look old money.

Sleek Back Short Old Money Hairstyles

short sleek old money hairstyle

The trendy “wet look” is also one of the easiest and most glamorous ways to achieve an old money hairstyle with short hair. How to do it? Apply gel only to the crown of your hair, and then brush the hair back. By brushing it, you will easily blend the gel with the rest of your hair. Statement earrings are a must with this hairstyle.

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Casual, but Classy Bun with Ribbon for Short Hair

short hair tied with black ribbon

Want to create a cute, casual, but at the same time classy updo with your short hair? All you need is a quality black ribbon from fabric like satin or silk. Just tie your hair back, as you usually would, to create a low bun and secure it with the ribbon. Leave your hair messy for a lived-in look, or if you are want something elegant, try a slicked-back bun to look like a supermodel.

Classy Voluminous Old Money Bob Haircut

short old money hairstyles female

The classic bob itself has come to be known as a timeless and gorgeous hairstyle, but the old money bob? That’s a whole other story. To achieve an old money bob, your hair needs to be prepped with routine hair care, meaning – quality hydrating masks, shampoos and weekly deep conditioning. An old money bob is voluminous, but the volume itself looks natural, creating a rich lived-in hairstyle.

Easy Short Old Money Hairstyle with Bow

short old money hair with black satin bow

Want to try another easy old money hairstyle? All you need is a cute bow of a bigger size from satin or silk fabric. When it comes to colours, best to opt for classics like black, white, navy blue or burgundy. Apply a volumizing spray to your hair, and just take two sections from the front to the back and secure them with the bow.

More Gorgeous Short Old Money Hairstyles Inspiration

vintage curly bob hairstyle

Soft short blonde old money pixie cut

short soft pixie cut

Sleek old money side bun with short hair

short old money hairstyle sleek side bun

Sleek blonde bob with curled in ends & bangs

shiny blonde bob with curled in ends and bangs

Casually chic old money pixie haircut

short casual pixie old money hair

The classic princess Diana hairstyle

the princess diana classic haircut

Sleek & gorgeous brunette long bob

old money long bob hairstyle

Fabulous old money blonde curly bob

short blonde blunt bob wiht curls

Short blonde hair in a sleek back style 

short blonde and sleek old money haircut


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