15 Easy Old Money Female Hairstyles for a Rich Girl Summer

by Kristiyana

How to look effortlessly expensive and stay cool during the heavy summer heat? Which hairstyle makes you appear rich and requires little work? 15 easy old money hairstyles for a timeless hot rich girl summer look. 

Easy Old Money Female Hairstyles to Wear in Summer

rich girl blowout hair for summer

How to look old money? The timeless aesthetic is all about appearing effortlessly chic and rich, even if you don’t have the money to prove it. All you need to do is make it work. Healthy hair is key. The more voluminous and shiny it is, the better your old money hairstyle will look. Make sure you pamper it right by using a quality hair mask at least once a week and deep conditioning. Heat protectant is utmost necessary, especially during summer.

Classy and Messy Old Money Low Bun

easy old money female hairstyles top knot for summer


If you are looking for an easy and classy hairstyle to keep your long or shoulder-length hair out of your face during the heat, try this messy low bun. Just twist your hair back so that it looks natural and untidy, and secure the bun with the help of some bobby pins. Apply hairspray for hold. This easy old money hairstyle is perfect for showing off your expensive long earrings.

Sleek and Smooth Low Ponytail Hairstyle

easy low ponytail rich girl hair

How to look old money during summer? Opt for a sleek and smooth low ponytail hairstyle. To make it as sleek as possible, you will need to wash your hair, after which you prep it with styling products. Blow-dry it to make it smooth, and tie the hair in a low pony with an elastic. You can hide the elastic by tying a piece of your hair around it. Apply a hairspray for hold and shine.

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Easy Old Money Female Hairstyles: Soft Waves

old money hairstyles female long hair

Looking for easy old money female hairstyles ideas to look amazing for the upcoming white summer party? Nothing says old money glamour like these beautiful soft waves on long blonde hair. If you want to also get a rich girl hair colour, opt for a blonde shade that looks natural and complements your skin tone. Champagne blonde hair can be what you are looking for.

Voluminous Low Bun Tied with Headscarf

easy old money hairstyles female summer ideas

I adore this one. Headbands and scarves made from fabric like satin, cashmere and velvet are one of the easiest ways to style your hair so that it looks old money. To keep your neck cool during the hot summer days, tie it back in a voluminous low bun with the help of a satin headscarf. Again, gold hoop earrings are upmost necessary with this rich girl hairstyle.

More Easy Old Money Female Hairstyles to Wear in Summer

old money summer female hairstyles

Blair Waldorf hair inspiration

old money hairstyles with velvet ribbon

Messy rich girl low pony hairstyle

easy old money female hairstyles

Super sleek chic low bun hair

easy low bun old money hairstyle

Easy rich girl summer hairstyle

rich girl summer hairstyles

Classy old money high ponytail

high pony rich girl hair for summer

Rich girl summer party hairstyle

old money summer party hairstyles

Old money velvet bow ponytail

 kate middleton hairstyles bow

Effortless claw clip summer hairstyle

easy old money female hairstyles summer ideas

Sleek & easy mid-high ponytail 

old money aesthetic hairstyles female


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