What Is the Old Money Blonde Hair Color & How to Get It?

by Kristiyana

What is the old money blonde hair color? How can you achieve it? 

old money blonde hair color

Blondes have more fun and everybody knows that. But whereas there are some shades of blonde that are mostly seasonal like platinum blonde for summer and soft caramel highlights for fall, there is one blonde hair color that will always be able to captivate with its timeless elegance and classy appeal. We are talking about the old money blonde hair color. What is it? How can you get it at the salon? We unveil.

Old Money Blonde Hair Color: What Is It?

short old money hairstyle

No blonde hair color is like another. Some are saved for cozy Sunday coffee dates, others for summer music festivals, and there are such that make you look like your family has been a member of high society for generations even if that is far from the case. The last being the old money blonde hair color.


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If you go day-to-day scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, you’ve noticed the obsession with cashmere sweaters, clean manicures, and effortlessly chic hairstyles. These are all small elements of the old money aesthetic. But what is the old money blonde hair color? It’s a mix of cool and warm tones, usually with a bright hairline, that aims to give you a natural-looking golden hair color that exudes timeless elegance. This type of blonde is typically easy to maintain, but that also depends on your real hair color and how will your hair be done. Today we’ve prepared for you a few gorgeous old money blonde hair color inspirations along with tips for what to ask for at the salon.

Warm Old Money Blonde Hair Color

old money blonde hairstyle

One size doesn’t fit all, so for those ladies who are looking for a warmer hair color, the warm-based old money shade of blonde would be the perfect elegant fit. At the salon, make sure that you point to your colorist that you don’t want a golden hair color. You wouldn’t want to risk overpowering the color formula with a straight gold tone that can end with your hair looking flat. Ask for a monochrome blonde hair color that will reflect warmth without it having a yellow shadow.

Old Money Shade of Blonde with a Root Melt

short old money blonde bob

The key to getting the perfect old money shade of blonde is to make it look as natural as possible. One great idea for achieving this effect is by preserving the natural color of your roots throughout your entire head. This will also give you a light glow that pops within the blonde pieces. Make sure you show this picture as a reference to your colorist and ask for a root melt and an all-over toner. With this hair color, you will never be absolutely sure where your roots end. The veiled dimension will brighten the raw look.

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A slightly darker shade of old money blonde

old money blonde hair darker

Creamy old money blonde with face-framing pieces

old money blonde formula

Buttery old money shade of blonde

classy blonde hair

Another color with a root-melting effect 

old money blonde woman hair

Gorgeous luscious locks of blonde elegance

what is old money blonde hair and how to get it

Beige cream old money blonde hair

old money blonde

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