What Tattoo for a 50 Year Old Woman? Here’s a Look at the Designs and Placements to Choose From

by Kremy

What tattoo for a 50 year old woman? Can you really get a tattoo at this age? What designs should you choose? What do you need to know before getting your first tattoo at 50? The editors reveal all and give you some ideas of designs and placement to consider.

We usually get our tattoos in our youth, but it’s never too late. Have you just celebrated your 50th birthday and are you thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time? Contrary to popular belief, this is a great way to immortalize your anniversary! Here’s a closer look at the areas of the body most favored by 50-somethings, as well as a few star designs.

What’s the Best Location for a Tattoo for a 50 Year Old Woman?

what tattoo for a 50 year old woman sleeve tattoo

Whether it’s your first inkage or you took a break ten or more years ago, it’s never too late to get a cute symbolic tattoo. You only have three important things to remember: choose a tattoo artist, specify the placement and determine the design. As for the tattoo artist, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from your friends who already have tattoos. If you don’t have one, find out on the web about the professionals who work in your area.

  • Caution: Aging skin reacts differently to ink and tattoo needles. It is therefore essential to choose a tattoo artist who knows how to work with it. Don’t underestimate the consultation with a dermatologist either. Also make sure you don’t have any allergies.

wrist tattoo for 50 year old woman small flower


So, let’s get back to basics and examine the locations most favored by fifty-somethings. In most cases, women of this age prefer to get a small, discreet tattoo that can be easily concealed. One of the most popular places is the wrist, where delicate, super-feminine tattoos can be applied. The outlines of a flower, small stars, a simple word and so on… You are certainly spoiled for choice.

ankle tattoos for 50 year old woman

After the wrist, the ankle is the second most popular location for a 50-year-old woman’s tattoo. Very easy to conceal, this tattoo can be adapted according to your wishes. We recommend you go for discreet, feminine tattoos to accessorize your skin in style.

tattoo for a 50 year old woman ideas thigh tattoo

Do you dare to have a tattoo on your thigh at 50? This body area is especially adored by young girls, but who says you can’t enjoy it at 50! What’s more, the thigh can accommodate designs of a larger size.

arm tattoo for 50 year old woman

Finally, the arm is the last place to go for your future inkage. According to tattoo artists, arm and shoulder tattoos age very well. What’s more, you can easily cover them to prevent them from fading.

What Tattoo for a 50 Year Old Woman?

tattoo for a 50 year old woman ideas placement designs

Now that you know the preferred locations, you are probably already wondering which tattoo for a 50 year old woman is right for you. Tattoo artists reveal that women in their 50s prefer symbolic and sentimental tattoos. Floral patterns, childhood memories… it’s up to you to choose the moment of your life that you want to immortalize.

tattoo for a 50 year old woman small discreet wrist tattoo rose tattoo

The tattoo for a 50 year old woman must be refined and delicate. Here’s an excellent example showing a pretty flower tattooed on the wrist. Give free rein to your imagination and select the plant whose symbolism meets your preferences. Here’s a good idea: the lotus flower tattoo is very popular among women, especially those in their fifties, as it symbolizes wisdom, growth, accomplishment and spiritual awakening.

tiny wrist tattoo for women 50 years old

The simple words present a tattoo idea for a 50 year old woman that is very easy to display and hide if necessary. You can get a tattoo of any word that best describes you.

what tattoo for a 50 year old woman couple tattoo on the neck

We end with a tattoo for a 50 year old woman that is quite daring, but which actually turns out to be an excellent idea. The couple tattoo has no age and it serves to immortalize your love! We agree that the neck is probably not the best location. Instead, think about the wrist, the ankle or even the arm.

Tattoo for 50 year old women to easily hide if necessary

stomach arm tattoo for 50 year old woman

The forearm is another preferred location

forearm arm tattoo for 50 year old woman

Simple tattoo on wrist

discreet wrist tattoo for 50 year old woman


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