Spiritual Awakening Stages – What Triggers The Process?

by Kremy

When talking about spiritual awakening stages, many people misunderstand what this means. Some associates spirituality with religion, some considers it the road to asceticism and loneliness.

Spiritual awakening stages what triggers the process

The meaning of spiritual awakening is not a logical conclusion or understanding of something with your soul, it is not an analytical assessment of your state and not a metaphor. An awakened person has an expanded perception of himself, the world around him, as well as all the processes and situations that take place in his life. In the process of awakening, a person realizes that he is something much more than soul and body. There is a feeling of unity with the whole world. Some call it enlightenment, others nirvana or bliss, but these words just describe the final result of a going a long way and finding new sense, being (becoming) aware of yourself and the surrounding world. There is a stable sense of presence in the present moment, without fear for the future or worries about the past. There is only here and now.

What Triggers Spiritual Awakening?

What Triggers Spiritual Awakening


There are no definite reasons for spiritual awakening, because it can be caused by anything.

Spiritual awakenings can be completely spontaneous. Simple everyday events like reading of a book or meeting someone can start the process.

Spiritual awakenings can also be caused by major life changes or trauma. Do you know how when something bad happens to you or your loved ones and you immediately start thinking about the transience of life? You can’t stop thinking about how you could pay more attention to them or how you could treat yourself and others differently. Near death experiences, job loss, car crash, pandemics, divorce, mental crises like anxiety and depression and other life-changing events can make us question our behavior and the world we live in.

Sometimes people open a spiritual door for you. Meeting your twin flame or soul mate can lead you to the spiritual path. These are the people who challenge our beliefs, help us get rid of toxic habits, and help us connect with our true selves.

What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Awakening?

What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Awakening and enlightenment

Spiritual awakening stages are actually a process of self-knowledge, development of the mind, body, soul. This is the beginning or continuation of the intertwining of your body and inner self. This can be a gradual and very slow process, or very fast and short. What are the benefits of the enlightenment? Here are just a few:

  • Awakens the soul and improves your spiritual connection.
  • You feel pure, calmer and more peaceful.
  • You are more positive.
  • There is no room for negative thoughts or feelings.
  • Lower stress and anxiety and reduces depression.

benefits of Spiritual awakening process

  • Improved attitude towards life and living a more meaningful life.
  • You are more empathic and compassionate to other people.
  • Improves your immune system and helps you live longer.
  • Last, but not least, you get a feeling of oneness, of being one with everything around you.

What Are the Spiritual Awakening Stages?

Spiritual awakening stages

One needs to realize that spiritual awakening stages will not be the same for every individual. The process may be similar, yet some of the steps may not be as distinct as someone else’s. This is not a problem, because we are all unique and so are our perceptions.

Stage 1 – The Desire for Change

The desire for change

Awakening often begins with a crisis, when something in your life changes abruptly and significantly to “worse” and you realize that you can no longer live the same way. This can be called anxiety, fear, insecurity, not understanding how to live and what to strive for, frustration with yourself, your strengths and abilities, disorientation in life and other unpleasant experiences.

Stage 2 – The Transformation

Stage 2 The Transformation

At this stage people usually analyze and study all the changes and their consequences, trying to find their way in the awakening process. They question all their life achievements, actions or decisions. Inevitably, looking back and questioning your motives and life decisions will cause pain, confusion and a feeling of loneliness. At that point many people feel lost but understanding that this is just one step of the way can help overcome the internal turmoil.

Stage 3 – Changing Beliefs

Changing Beliefs

Your thinking changes, as well as your vibrational energy, you begin to understand more and more that you are no longer one of the general mass of people. You may lose interest in the things that were appealing to you, priorities and goals change, old “friends” disappear, new people enter your life. The internal changes in your mind will affect your lifestyle and you will start realizing that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can shape your reality.

Stage 4 – The Awakening

The Awakening

At this stage you start asking important questions like, “Who am I?” How is everything arranged? What is Truth? How can I achieve liberation and enlightenment? These questions, backed by your sincere interest in the answers, will lead you in the right direction.

Spiritual enlightenment

The stage of awakening is followed by enlightenment, also called nirvana. Enlightenment is much more complicated, because it is the moment when you understand your connection with the Universe and how everything is interconnected. This is the goal of any spiritual awakening – to achieve an alignment of yourself and the Universe.

spiritual awakening stages take time

In conclusion, we have to say, that going through these spiritual awakening stages take time. You cannot achieve enlightenment in two weeks, a month or two months. Sometimes it’s a lifetime process. This is not an easy journey and surely there will be many ups and downs.



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