Modern Curved Kitchen Ideas – 2022 Interior Design Trends

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Every homeowner wants to create a stylish comfortable, beautiful and unique home that reflects his taste and personality. We will show you spectacular curved kitchen ideas which not only utilize the space but look modern and practical at the same time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Curved Kitchens

2022 Interior Design Trends Modern Curved Kitchen Ideas

Due to the unusual appearance, a curved kitchen always attracts more attention. Having in mind that curved and soft lines are among the top trends in 2022 home interior designs, we shall see curved cabinet facades, oval kitchen islands as well as other variations of wavy lines. What are the advantages of curved kitchens? Let’s see!

Curved kitchen ideas allow you to hide flaws and defects like an uneven wall or problems with the geometry of the room. Rounded shapes fit perfectly into a small room or in an irregularly shaped kitchen.

In terms of visual aesthetics, the flowing lines add harmony and balance to the interior. Such a design looks more attractive than strict angular facades with square and rectangular elements. Further to that, modern cabinets come in a wide range of both design and color, suitable for small and large kitchens.

pros and cons of Curved Kitchens


Smooth and oval shapes have very good ergonomic properties. Curved shapes provide easy access to all necessary items and increased workplace due to radial protrusions. Achieving this level of comfort with rectangular shapes is more difficult.

The design of a curved kitchen provides the possibility of zoning the space with elements with smooth shapes, for example, a special bar counter or an oval kitchen island.

Last but not least, the absence of sharp corners provides better safety, which is very important for families with small children. Rounded kitchens are completely safe, thanks to their design features.

curved kitchen ideas modern home design trends

When it comes to the disadvantages of curved kitchens, we have to point pot that there are many people that find such designs to be “extravagant”.

Another disadvantage is the price. Are curved kitchens more expensive? Yes, the truth is that curved kitchens cost more than standard cabinetry. The reason for that is that they are usually custom made, the production of curved panels is more difficult, and the engineering calculations are more complicated, so all that affects the final price.

Modern Curved Kitchen Ideas and Design Options

Curved Kitchen Ideas and Design Options

Curved kitchens look best in medium or large area. Of course, individual elements can be used in a small space which means there are many design options. Generally curved kitchen ideas can be grouped in three types of design variations.

Kitchen cabinets with rounded edges – in this case, only one or two corner cabinets have rounded outlines. The shape does not affect the space in any way, but the kitchen looks more ergonomic due to the lack of sharp corners.

creative home interiors 2022 trends

Separate curved cabinets – in addition to corner cabinets with curved edges, the design includes several centrally position cabinets with curved facade. This type of composition is based on a combination of standard and rounded cabinets. The design solution is spectacular, but takes up a little more floor space than usual.

Curved kitchen designs combine elements with different curves. Usually, this type of kitchen furniture is custom made. The result will is unusually spectacular cabinetry, especially when the facades have a glossy finish or bright color. This option will take up more space than standard kitchen cabinets.

What to Consider When Choosing a Curved Kitchen?

Curved Kitchen considerations

Curved kitchen ideas look gorgeous on photos but when you plan the design for your home you need to take into account several important factors.

Material matters. Whether you select standard kitchen cabinetry or you order custom made furniture, the environmental friendliness of furniture, its strength, reliability, durability and lifespan depend on the characteristics of the material.

If you have a small kitchen, avoid designs with a lot of wavy and curved lines. One or two smooth lines are enough to soften the rigid look of a small space.

When choosing a kitchen color, one should not forget about the golden rule of design: the more complex the shape, the simpler the color scheme. Curved cabinets designs compensate the restraint of color and you will notice that many curved kitchens are usually plain.

modern home design 2022 trends

If you have to choose between a gloss or matte finish, keep in mind the size of the room. In small rooms, gloss that reflects light will create the illusion of additional space. Matte finish can be used in spacious kitchens.


modern kitchen design ideas 2022 trends

flowing lines add harmony to the interior

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