Kitchen Design Trends 2022 – Elements, Colors and Materials

by Kremy

Are you constantly looking on the Internet for various kitchen design options? Do you wonder what kitchen design trends 2022 will be? Or maybe you are planning a remodel and look for the newest ideas?

Kitchen Design Trends 2022 Elements and Colors

The kitchen has always been a very special place in the home. This is the room where we cook, have meals and spend special moments with family that will surely be remembered for a long time. That is why it is understandable that every homeowner has a dream kitchen in his mind and wants to create an amazing and delightful place that is pleasing to the eye and meets all his requirements.

Modern Kitchen Interior Designs Multi Functional Space


2022 Kitchen interior design trends are aimed at functionality, the convenience of cooking and the comfort of pastime. The emphasis is on laconic interiors without frills and multiple decorative details. The trend in kitchen design is simplicity, environmental friendliness, naturalness of materials, shapes and lines.

Kitchen Design Trends 2022 – Color Palette Options

design trends 2022 trendy kitchen colors

Now, more than ever, people are more willing to invest in kitchens. And well-thought-out design becomes a top priority. In the design of a modern kitchen, the color palette has a great importance. First, the design of the kitchen should be in harmony with the interior of the whole house and fit into the general atmosphere of your home. In addition, a modern kitchen is a combination of the minimum of everything necessary and the maximum of naturalness and simplicity. Kitchens in light shades, without bright designs and accents, will become a trend.

Trendy Home Interiors Modern Kitchen 2022

White kitchens will be replaced by designs in the trendy colors. Pastel, natural, as well as dark colors will also be fashionable. The great news is that the natural color palette is diverse and features a huge variety of colors and shades. Wood shades are perfectly combined with any material, which gives you the freedom to use your imagination and show your personal, unique style. The trendy natural palette includes beige, light gray, sandy shades, muted greens like sage and olive that have a soothing and calming effect.

Sea colors will surely attract attention in the coming year. Kitchen cabinets or textile in blue or turquoise will be the choice for bold and creative personalities.

Natural Materials in Trendy Kitchen Interiors

modern home interior ideas 2022 Kitchen interior design trends

Maybe you already know this, but we will say it again, from now on we are trying to replace plastic completely. This means that the use of natural materials is a priority which requires your attention and investment as well. In this context, marble, granite and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets become essential elements. Not only do they have a rich aesthetic quality, but they are increasingly recognized for their health benefits, as they do not require chemical treatment when cleaning.

Kitchen Design Trends 2022 – Optimal Use of Space and Clever Organization

Kitchen storage and Organization

Good organization is very important, especially in the kitchen, so choosing cabinets is another important step towards a modern practical kitchen. The focus is on kitchen storage and organization, planning the layout of cabinets, location of the shelves, etc. in a way that provides comfortable use of the kitchen space.

Modern Kitchen Interior Designs – A Focus at Multi-Functional Spaces

kitchen design trend 2022 colors materials elements

Functionality and comfort, coziness and convenience are the trends for 2022. Open plan living space is now a classic. The concept of one space that accommodates different functions and family activities – cooking, working and relaxing, entertaining is nowadays a requirement. The standard way to zone the cooking area and living area is with a dining group located between them and forming a smooth transition.

Attention to Detail

kitchen design trend contemporary interior ideas

The style is determined by the detail. Everything in a trendy kitchen should be well thought-out, elegant and with character. The comfort is emphasized by abandoning strict lines and softening of the look with rounded shapes. Straight lines are replaced or softened by curved shapes.

Smart Kitchen

home design trends 2022 multifunctional smart kitchen

As for appliances and digital technologies, there are no two opinions – the man of the 21st century is a man of technology. No matter the style of the kitchen, innovation will always be the top trend. A multifunctional smart kitchen in a smart home is the dream of any person who values his time, delicious food and comfort.


Kitchen Design Trends 2022 natural colors and materials

Natural materials in trendy kitchen interiors


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