Dream kitchens design ideas – how to make a dream come true?

by Kremy

dream kitchen design ideas modern black cabinets marble island

Dream kitchens are different to each and every one of us. Every housewife has a dream kitchen idea and sometimes it takes years of careful planning and plan revisions until all the details come to their right place. The variety in styles and designs is as diverse as people, which is the beauty of interior decoration – the opportunity to create unique spaces reflecting the individuality and personality of their occupants. We shall show you a selection of amazing dream kitchens in different styles and focus your attention on the major design elements for a unique interior.

Dream kitchens – determine your style

white cabinets dark wood flooring dream kitchen


Browising through thousands of images of kitchens is the first thing that people do when they plan a kitchen remodel seeking for inspiration. What you actually see are the dream kitchens of other people. Of course, you can always find a brilliant idea, something new and exciting, as interior design and decoration is developing and new materials and ideas find their implementation. Most people find it difficult to determine the style of their dream kitchen as they like so many ideas. There are fantastic kitchens in various styles – vintage, modern, romantic Shabby chic, sleek and glossy minimalist kitchens, fabulous rustic kitchens, fascinating Mediterranean style kitchens, traditional, country chic, high-tech and ultra modern, and so on and so on.

modern dream design island with seating wood flooring

If you have difficulties to determine the style – look around your home. What is the general style? Is it classic, ethnic, eclectic – this will be a good starting point as the kitchen should be in harmony with the overall interior design.

Dream kitchens – color scheme ideas

custom cabinets remodel dream kitchen design

Dream kitchens vary much in style but they vary in color as well. Some people love the neutral color scheme, others the darker bolder tones. How about a bright red or a sophisticated burgundy red? Of course, the style will determine the color scheme of the dream kitchen but only to a certain extent. Minimalism favors white, but there are magnificent designs in this style in trendy gray, sometimes combined with black or beige or other color. The warmth of wood and the earthy color palette is appealing to many. Greens, blues, orange and terracotta, rusty red and glossy copper –these colors are incredibly welcoming and create a homely atmosphere.

Dream kitchen furniture ideas

modern dream kitchen ideas minimalist

How do you imagine your dream kitchen cabinets? Traditional? Modern? Do you envision a chef’s kitchen? Do you see the kitchen island with a polished granite countertop and seating so that you can enjoy the company of family and visitors while cooking dinner? Do you desire a double oven? Or a farmhouse sink and cafe curtains? Draw a plan and see if the layout you imagine is possible. Consult with a professional designer, he will be able to give you some useful ideas about flooring, wall decoration, lighting, accessories and all the details, so your dream kitchen becomes a reality and the heart of your home.

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white cabinets dark kitchen island

modern ideas design wood kitchen island

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dream kitchens modern white design minimalist

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