How to choose the best kitchen paint colors?

by Kremy

white kitchen cabinets red wall modern lighting

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a place where the family member gather for dinner, breakfast or just enjoying time together. Choosing the best kitchen paint colors is essential, as the space has to be comfortable, cozy, pleasing to the eye yet functional and efficient. Here is some advice how to choose the best wall color.

What are the best kitchen paint colors – dark colors in modern kitchens


colors black accent wall black flooring


Choosing the best kitchen paint colors usually goes in two directions – the color of the kitchen cabinets and the wall color. We shall not discuss which color is best but shall focus on the different possibilities and will give advice how to blend colors or create contrasts. Dark shades are the choice for people who want to create a modern, contemporary, and elegant look for the room.

Best colors modern kitchen design gray white cabinets


Dark colors work best with stainless steel for a sleek and stylish appearance. You should know that dark color hues, however, may be quite overwhelming, so you have to use them carefully. For example, an accent wall in black or dark gray will give you the modern look but if you want more of the dark paint, it would be best if you combine it with white or another light color.


Best kitchen paint colors – bright and light tones


colors ideas contemporary kitchen design bright orange

Bright and light colors are very popular in kitchens as they create a welcoming atmosphere and are ideal for a place where people communicate and entertain. The options are endless – a bright sunny yellow, a vibrant orange or a bold red – it is all up to your taste and personality. Blue will create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in the room. Green shades are relaxing and make a connection to Nature. Gray is very trendy and the perfect backdrop for other decorations as it adds depth to the interior design. Best kitchen paint colors are the ones that work best for you so do not be afraid to experiment.


white kitchen cabinets gray wall modern kitchen paint colors


Light and bright shades are ideal for a small space

small colors light bright color blue walls

Elegant green and white color combination

sage green paint color white accents wooden dining furniture

Pastel blue and white – a calming combination

paint pastel blue wall color white cabinets

Comfortable, welcoming kitchen in blue and white

modern kitchen wall paint color white cabinets brown accents

A beautiful vibrant red accent wall

modern colors red wall kitchen design

Trendy gray wall color and fresh orange accents

kitchen design ideas paint colors gray wall color orange accents

Dark combinations create a modern sleek appearance

Modern dark gray kitchen wall color white furniture wood cabinet doors

kitchen paint colors green wall white gray cabinets

kitchen paint colors ideas gray color white orange cabinets

kitchen paint gray wall color red cabinets

kitchen paint colors brown wall white cabinets bar stools

Kitchen color ideas white kitchen furniture orange wall ceiling

Kitchen color ideas black accent wall white island

contemporary kitchen design ideas black wall color white cabinets

black and white kitchen black wall white cabinets modern look



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