White and wood kitchen 2022: THE decorative trend? Discover the best design for you!

by Kremy

“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.” says Charlotte Moss, an award-winning interior designer. Kitchen design trends 2022 are booming right now and we can observe a fantastic mix between the past and the future. Rustic meets modern and so on… Today we are going to talk about the timeless trend, which is none other than the white and wood kitchen 2022. Do you think that is boring? We say it’s heavenly and wonderfully trendy! So, we’ll introduce you to some incredibly stylish and practical designs, blending both retro and futuristic elements, resulting in a beautifully crafted space. Here we go!

5 White and Wood Kitchen Decorating Ideas 2022

most beautiful kitchen ideas 2022

Comfort, both visual and physical, is essential for every room. So before you jump into current trends, take a step back and ask yourself if you’ll still like it a year or two from now. If you’re not sure, don’t make hasty decisions. Also, it is very important to make sure that the colors you choose have a positive effect on your psyche. If you want to have a white room with wooden accents, then you have come to the right place. Let us guide you through the best home decor trends of 2022!

Decorating with Plants

white and wood kitchen interior ideas


Already have a white and wood kitchen design, but you find it a little dull? No need to radically transform it! Why not add some plants as decoration? It’s cheap, beautiful, can have a lot of benefits for your mental state and also clear the air. So many positives! Hang plants from the ceiling, plant a beautiful hydrangea in an original pot or look for a lucky plant like Money tree, Rubber plant or Jade plant!

Rustic Kitchen

beautiful white and wood kitchen

Do you know that what was trendy over 20 years ago is trendy again? This means that retro futurism, Provencal kitchens, Tuscan style and Art Deco kitchens have returned with a BANG! Take a look at designs from the tiny house movement for inspiration. They are as practical as they are aesthetic! The old wooden materials, the large sink, the rustic side, the plants and herbs everywhere… It’s like a dream!

Backsplash for White and Wood Kitchen

backsplash ideas for white and wood kitchen

We sense some of you don’t like the idea of having white walls when you’re going to be cooking all the time and splashing sauces all over the place! Do not worry! Have you considered a backsplash for the kitchen? Check out the trending colors for the kitchen 2022 and choose a beautifully done design that will make you happy. What are the advantages of a backsplash? It’s easy to clean, looks cool and creates contrast. So, for those who avoid monochromes, a bit of color is what you need!

Mix the Colors

kitchen interior design trend 2022

Some of us are not very enthusiastic about having only two colors in the room. You know, wood comes in a variety of colors different from brown! So paint your cabinets a navy blue shade and get yourself a nice kitchen backsplash to go with it. You will have the durability of wood, the angelic aura of white, the serenity of blue, the practical properties of the backsplash and the pleasure of being in a functional and pretty space!

Kitchen with a Central Island

white and wood kitchen interior 2022 trends

What’s a kitchen without a lot of counter space? A white, monochromatic design can be quite dull. Adding wood is the perfect combination. However, the addition of a marbled central island transforms it into perfection. Of course, marble, quartz, and granite, while considered the most durable materials, can be quite expensive. If you are looking to renovate the kitchen on a budget, we recommend that you turn to laminate worktops, which can imitate wood, marble or any other material you want and are more economical.

Photo Gallery: White and Wood Kitchen Trends 2022

white kitchen trend 2022

Modern White and Wood Kitchen: Opt For a Blue Backsplash!

white and wood kitchen backsplach ideas

Why This Combination? Well, It’s Simple, Practical and Beautiful!

kitchen trends 2022

White and Wood Kitchen Trends 2022: Between Modern Style and Industrial Style

two tone white and wood kitchen

Blue Accents are Simply Beautiful and Trendy!

white and wood kitchen with blue accents

Here Is an Idea for a White and Natural Wood Kitchen 2022.

new kitchen trends 2022

How About This White and Wood Kitchen with Central Island?

color paint kitchen trend 2022

THE Decorative Color Trend for 2022? Blue, Of Course!

white and wood kitchen with central island

The Wall Shelves Will Be a Nice Addition to Your Decor!

white and wood kitchen decorating ideas

White and Wood Kitchen 2022: Simple Design.

white and wood kitchen with farmhouse sink

Black Accents Add Character and Depth

black accents add character and depth

Did You Know That Green Has a Calming Effect on Our Mind?

modern kitchen paint colors 2022 trends

White and Wood Kitchen Idea 2022: Check Out the Tiny House Trend!

beautiful tiny home kitchen

Wooden Wall Shelves Are Really a Very Good Idea!

eclectic kitchen white and wood design

The Central Island Is Really the Heart of the Room!

beautiful kitchen design

Decorating with Plants? Yes, Please!

kitchen color trend 2022

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