What colors to choose for the kitchen? How to design kitchen space in a modern and colorful way?

by Anjelina

When remodeling or redesigning, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what colors to choose for the kitchen. In recent years, the kitchen area has evolved far beyond just a place to cook and eat. After all, this is the heart of a home that deserves an appropriate design without the unsightly look of peeling paint. Moreover, refreshing the kitchen colors is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change this space according to the latest trends. Here are some of the most common examples from which you can draw inspiration for your future dream kitchen.

Before you decide what colors are suitable for the kitchen

dark gray and yellow as fitting color combination for modern kitchen rooms

From a psychological point of view, changing some elements in the kitchen can create the right atmosphere in the room. However, it’s not about changing the furniture or the lighting, but about experimenting with different color variations. For example, it could be a visually appealing floor with ceramic tiles in certain colors, colored kitchen cabinets or an accent wall. In addition, bold colors can bring more vibrancy and energy even when designing small kitchen spaces. On the other hand, the less contrast there is in a room, the more spacious and calming it looks.

modern combination of navy blue and wooden cabinet countertops for kitchens


However, deciding on a particular design when choosing colors for the kitchen can not always be easy. Finding the perfect combinations for kitchen appliances, accent pieces, and of course, choosing the best paint finishes and colors is no easy task. If you’re looking for kitchen color ideas, you’ll find that contrary to popular belief, there are many shades of white, and blue is never just blue. To avoid common mistakes and know which colors are suitable for the kitchen, you can consider the following tips. This will make it easier to design and upgrade the kitchen space during a renovation.

Dos and Don’ts when choosing kitchen colors

vivid bright colors for kitchen yellow red purple green orange blue

In a kitchen, quite a lot of details can be stylishly combined into a unified design. For example, when choosing wall colors for this room, you can happily stick to shades that complement other elements in the room, such as kitchen cabinets, open kitchen shelves and kitchen countertops.

warm kitchen design wooden cabinets countertops table

However, don’t choose a color until you’ve set your intention for the space. How do you want to feel when you enter your kitchen area? Is your style more minimalist and modern? Perhaps you have warmer, more whimsical tastes and like to play with bright colors. But if your goal is to make the kitchen relaxing, dark hues may be the right choice. So, start identifying the kitchen design by considering these factors to make choosing a color much easier.

What colors for the kitchen have a positive effect?

common color orange according to color psychology suitable for small kitchens

If, according to colour psychology, you like red, blue or green, for example, decorating your kitchen space with them can be an excellent idea. However, not every one of these shades would suit the interior, even if it is your favourite colour. Individual shades correlate with different emotions and feelings. Here is a brief description of some basic correlations:

cute white cabinets deep green color for walls what colors to choose for the kitchen

  • Red is associated with passion and danger, probably because of its direct association with blood and fire.
  • Green is associated with tranquility and fulfillment. This color is widespread in nature and is often used in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Yellow refers to the sun and energy. It is very catchy to the eyes and a popular choice in advertising from a psychological perspective.
  • Orange is related to warmth and stability. It is very suitable for kitchens because of its intensity.
  • Brown stands for security and prestige, being present in most living spaces, and is best suited for kitchens as well.

white and blue combination for kitchens

Apart from that, you can also be creative in your choice and go for vibrant shades of colors for your kitchen. This will surely give you more inspiration when cooking and already motivate you at the beginning of the day. For example, light blue and neon colors can also be combined well with white and neutral kitchen walls and kitchen furniture.

what colors to choose for the kitchen modern home in gray and black

In addition, colors not only affect mood, but also the senses when it comes to depth and scale in kitchen design. Darker shades like gray or black can make the space look a bit smaller, but add a stylish and aesthetic touch. They are not suitable for kitchen spaces that are too small, while you should also be careful with contrasting wall and floor colors. For example, if you paint your kitchen walls in lighter colors, make sure you choose light shades for your kitchen floor or backsplash as well.

How can you design your kitchen according to the psychology of color?

minimalist style in kitchens gray shades modern backsplash

Color is a brilliant way to create intimacy, especially in spaces like a kitchen where people are together. When you’re remodeling your kitchen, make sure you set specific goals for the design. After all, some of the best kitchen paint colors are the ones that fit your overall design scheme and leave you feeling special. Just when painting your cabinets, make sure to use a high-quality primer. This will help the paint adhere better and last longer. Otherwise, you can incorporate the colors described above into your kitchen spaces in the following ways:

kitchen cabinets matching earthy colors like dark green

  • Red as a color that can be incorporated into your room decor by choosing ceramic wall tiles, for example, and placing them above and below the upper kitchen cabinets. If you prefer a more muted effect, you could simply choose wall tiles with more moderate red variations.
  • A slightly cooler color palette like blues and greens would be more appropriate for warmer countries. If you rely on the psychological illusion, it can have a positive effect when you spend hot summers in the kitchen. So, decide to decorate the kitchen in these colder shades. This effect can be easily achieved by placing porcelain or floor tiles in colder shades on your kitchen floor.
  • Accordingly, a warming color palette, warmer colors are more suitable where the climate is cooler. Red, orange and yellow are just a base on which you can build. In addition, ceramic tiles or accent walls in warmer colors bring coziness to kitchen spaces. The latter is also the perfect choice if the room is located on the north side of the building.
  • If the kitchen has metallic elements, you should use brown to warm up the interior. You can achieve this by choosing wood for the floor or tile designs reminiscent of natural marble, travertine and granite.

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