Citronella against wasps: Can you really drive them away from the balcony, patio and garden with this home remedy?

by Kremy

When it’s hot, we like to be outside. The balcony, the seating area in the garden and the patio become a unique oasis where you can relax in the shade and treat yourself to a piece of cake with your afternoon coffee. But if wasps suddenly disturb the idyll, then quick action is required. Although the insects are considered non-aggressive and in some cases even prove to be beneficial in the garden, wasp stings are painful and particularly dangerous for allergy sufferers. In today’s article we shall explain how to use citronella against wasps and how to use the home remedy properly.

Citronella Against Wasps: Can You Really Drive Away the Insects with This Home Remedy?

citronella against wasps candles and scented oils spray

Citronella is an essential oil extracted from lemongrass. Lemongrass is traditionally used in Nepalese cuisine to flavor various dishes. Thanks to the active ingredients citral and myrcene it contains, the aroma of lemongrass has a slightly fruity note.

Since the mid-1950s, the scented oil has also been used to drive away various insects. The oil is also valued for its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. In order to have the best effect, the oil should be of high quality.

There are two ways to drive away wasps with citronella. You can make a scented candle or spray.

DIY Citronella Candle against Wasps

Citronella candles floating candles against wasps on the table


Citronella candles are made like other scented candles. You need leftover wax, a small and a large saucepan, a spoon, a small jam jar, lukewarm tap water, a wick and citronella oil. Optionally, you can add lavender oil, if you wish.

How to make the candle:

  1. First put the small pot in the big one. Then fill the large pot with water so that the small pot is almost completely submerged in the water. But you should be careful, because the water must not get into the small pot.
  2. Place leftover wax in the small saucepan and heat. Wax becomes liquid at 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. Remove the pot from the heat and add about 10 to 20 drops of citronella oil and 5 to 10 drops of lavender oil to the wax.
  4. Place the wick in the middle of the jam jar and hold the top with your fingers.
  5. Stir the wax and pour it into the jam jar.
  6. You can light the citronella candle when the wax has completely cooled down.

Place several scented candles around the table, seating area or lounge area.

DIY Citronella Spray against Wasps

home remedies against wasps scented oils

You can also make a spray against wasps. For this, you need the following ingredients:

  • 50 ml of vodka or alcohol from the pharmacy
  • 200 ml of distilled water
  • 20 drops of citronella oil
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 5 drops of rose geranium oil


  1. First pour the alcohol in a clean and empty spray bottle, then add 20 drops of citronella oil, 10 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of rose geranium oil. Then add the water and close the bottle.
  2. Shake the bottle vigorously to mix the liquids well. You can also shake the bottle before each use.
  3. This spray is ideal for areas protected from the wind such as tents, covered patios, pergolas, etc. Spray the balcony and the area around the seating area several times to drive away the wasps.

Repel Wasps and Attract Them to Another Area in the Garden

Wasp repelling ideas and instructions

You can only repel wasps effectively if you attract them to another area in the garden. A hedge of berry bushes, a bird bath, or an apple tree with fallen fruit away from the seating areas will attract the insects and provide a summertime food source.

Only then can home remedies with scented oils really help to keep the wasps away from the outdoor dining and seating area.

Using Home Remedies against Wasps Properly: You Should Pay Attention to This

Due to the fact that citronella is a fragrance oil, it can cause allergies. Allergy and asthma sufferers should first test the tolerance before spraying the area generously with the scented oil.

It is also important to always check food and drink, chair seats and backrests, and children’s and pet toys for wasps. Otherwise you risk swallowing the insects with your food or being stung.

Citronella is a helpful home remedy that is often used in the fight against mosquitoes as well. A candle can also help if wasps are in the garden. The scent will drive away the insects and keep them away from the balcony, patio and pergola.


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