Fall flowers for the balcony: 10 + ideas for ornamental plants

by Kremy

From stunning annuals to perennials, there’s a wonderful variety of fall flowers that can instantly enhance your outdoor space with their vibrant colors. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere during rainy days. So, here is our selection of fall flowers for the balcony which delight the eye with their flowering from August to October. Whether included in a decoration with carved pumpkins for Halloween or accompanied by ears of wheat for the fall harvest, they are the perfect accent for your seasonal landscape.

7+ fall flowers for the balcony that will brighten up your exterior

fall flowers for balcony in different colors


A symbol of fall, the chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower that can be found in a wide range of colors. So it doesn’t matter if you have a bohemian exterior or an industrially decorated balcony, you can find the variety that suits you. As far as maintenance is concerned, this fall flower needs regular watering (about twice a week), a fairly large pot (50 cm of space in all directions) and potash-rich soil.

Good plant combinations: Japanese false myrtle, Globe amaranth (Gomphrena globosa), Hebe (shrubby veronica).

Hellebores Christmas flowers


Christmas flowers

Hellebores are very hardy plants that resist frost down to -15°C! They have fascinating flowers that look like bells, but be careful, as they are very poisonous. Other plants that make it into the Christmas flower list are poinsettia, amaryllis, and white orchid. They all need a regular supply of fertilizer.

Good combinations of plants: astilbe, sedum, hosta.

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which flowers to plant in september in a planter


Pansies are flowers that can be planted in August or September. They grow particularly well in pots or planters. Another great advantage is that they can bloom all winter if you systematically remove faded flowers. Provide them with a sunny location and well-drained soil.

The right combinations of plants: bud blooming heather, ferns, autumn crocus, Helleborus ‘Maestro’.

potted marigolds on the balcony


If you have a south facing balcony, marigolds may become your favorite flower. Its flowering season is long and often extends from spring to autumn. They are also popular due to their ability to repel aphids. Not very water-intensive, these orange and yellow flowers are ideal for beginner gardeners. Just remove faded flowers.

Good combinations of plants: Basil, Ornamental cabbage, Nasturtium, Centaury.

autumn cyclamen balcony decor ideas


If you’re looking for fall flowers for a semi-shaded balcony, cyclamen might be your best bet. The soil should be well-drained and light, and watering – moderate. To ensure it has the right growing and flowering conditions, place a bed of small gravel or clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot.

Good combinations of plants: thyme, Heuchera ‘Pink Panther’ (Coral Bells).

fall flowers for balcony

Autumn aster

Like chrysanthemums, asters respond to the shortened days of fall by providing your balcony with a blanket of small, purple, daisy-like blooms. Full of nectar, they attract bees and butterflies to your garden. These perennials love the sun, but fear humidity, so only water them when the soil is dry on the surface.

Good combinations of plants: Hairy Sedge (Carex comans), ivy, chrysanthemums

what to plant on a balcony in september

Ornamental cabbage

This decorative plant is very easy to grow. It requires a sheltered but sunny location in order to show off its pretty colors that will enhance your balcony. With upright or spreading foliage, curly or smooth, ornamental cabbage can also be planted in garden beds.

Good combinations of plants: heather, cyclamen.

Fall flowers for the balcony: Ornamental grasses and other decorative plants

Fall flowers for balcony grasses and other decorative plants

Fall flowers aren’t the only ones that bring color to pots and planters. Some decorative grasses also have attractive shades of yellow and gold to burgundy and red. And those that retain their green color are a perfect accompaniment to colorful flowers. Here are our proposals:

  • Corokia cotoneaster
  • Sedum
  • Wire Vine (Muehlenbeckia axillaris)
  • Heuchera
  • Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge)
  • Houseleek (Sempervivum)
  • Ivy

What do you need to know about growing potted flowers in fall?

What you need to know about growing potted flowers in fall

Fall balcony flowers are must-haves for seasonal decorating, but before creating your beautiful flower arrangement, check the following basic rules:

  • It is preferable to use large, solid containers, as they are more resistant to atmospheric conditions.
  • Terracotta pots offer great breathability and provide a better environment for your fall flowers.
  • Place your plants against a wall to give them shelter from wind and drafts.
  • If the weather calls for frost, wrap your flower pots with a cloth to keep the soil warm.
  • If you have organic compost, you won’t need to fertilize your plants.
  • If you have already made your flower arrangement in the spring, September is the perfect time to repot it and refresh the soil.


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