Modern Bi Fold Patio Doors – a Transition Between Interior and Exterior

by Kremy

When weather gets warm it is a real pleasure to spend time outdoors. Is there an easy way to unite interior and exterior? Sliding glass bi fold patio doors are an excellent idea as they are highly functional and offer quite many advantages to homeowners who would like to create a seamless transition between the inside and outside.

Modern Bi Fold Patio Doors a seamless Transition Between Inside and Outside

Bi folding doors, sliding doors, French doors – each of these provide a view of the surroundings and quick access to the patio or backyard. Each type of opening has its own advantages and disadvantages, visual aesthetics, functionality and of course, will have an impact on your property. If you are planning a house remodel, a kitchen extension or you simply want to unite indoor and outdoor space, look at the pros and cons of bi-folding doors.

Highly Functional and Innovative Bi fold Patio Doors for Every Home

modern innovative bi fold patio doors advantages


The growing popularity of bi fold patio doors is hardly a surprise. When choosing exterior doors, homeowners have a big choice and when it comes to a worthy investment, bi folding doors are an excellent solution. Before looking at the pros and cons of this type of exterior doors, we have to look at the differences between slidefold and bifold doors as they seem quite similar. Both provide panoramic views, and have large glazed panels, with left or right opening. However, the panels of slidefolding doors slide individually to one side and then open 90 degrees to stack on the same side together. Typically, the frame is made of uPVC which makes them cheaper than bifolding doors, which are usually made with aluminum frames (uPVC and timber options are also available). Another major difference is that the panels of bi folding doors are folding in one continuous movement.

Contemporary Exterior Aluminum Bi Folding Doors

Bi fold doors have a clean contemporary look with slim sight-lines and come with a variety of opening configurations, double or triple glazed option, hidden track, different threshold options, etc.

The doors are exceptionally practical in summer as they can be partially or fully opened to create a single space and connect the interior and exterior of your home. You can incorporate a traffic door into the bifolding system, which is a great solution for the colder months of the year when you are not using the fully-opened option. This design allows you to get in and out easily without having to move the entire door system.

Why Bi Fold Patio Doors are a Good Idea?

Why bi fold patio doors are a good idea

We already mentioned that bi fold patio doors allow you to blend your indoor and outdoor space and invite your garden in. When you plan a garden party or simply want to enjoy an al fresco family dinner, wide open the doors and have fun in the open air!

Bi fold patio doors provide tons of natural light in the home. This makes them a great choice for small, poor-lit spaces. With this door system it is easy to create a huge glass wall and the abundance of light helps making a room far more spacious.

Can you install bi fold doors indoors? Absolutely! They are an excellent choice for open plan living spaces and a great room divider, offering soundproofing, insulation and flexibility. You can use them to separate the kitchen and living room or kitchen and dining room and the bonus will be a fantastic, modern, high-end look! In addition, this is a great option to allow natural light dark areas of the home.

The doors take up little space when opened. Aluminum frames, for example, are very slim, and the door is quite compact when fully opened. In addition, the slim frames allow homeowners enjoy a panoramic view of the garden.

Bi fold doors have a modern appearance

You can open the whole system or part of it depending on your personal preferences and need of the moment. The doors can be opened on the outside of the home or the inside which makes them ideal for small or irregular shaped spaces.

Modern bi fold doors have excellent operation because they are designed with high quality running systems and you can slide them easily. Child-safe features are also available to families with young children.

Bi fold doors have a modern, sleek appearance and homeowners can choose from different powder coatings so that they match with the style of the property and blend organically with the existing interior and exterior.

Many people wonder if bi fold doors are secure enough. The locking mechanisms are placed on different points on the sliding track on which they run which makes the doors more secure than French doors, for example.

Bifold doors patio ideas exterior interior transition

The easy maintenance is another big plus. Each leaf of bi fold doors comprises of a single pane of glass and a frame. All you need to do to keep them clean is wipe them down.

Last, but not least, bi fold doors add value to the property. High quality aluminum doors can last for up to 45 years which makes the investment worthwhile.

What to Consider When Choosing Bi Fold Patio Doors for Your Property?

Kitchen extension design with bifolding doors

As you can see bi fold patio doors have many advantages and if you think that they are the right choice for you then it is time to plan your investment. What do you need to keep in mind? Obviously – material, style, glazing, color, budget, etc.

We mentioned earlier that bi fold doors can be made of aluminum, uPVC or timber. Doors made of uPVC are the cheapest option but also the lowest-quality. Aluminum is more expensive due to the fact that it is a strong, lightweight, durable and long-lasting material that is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality. The frames are powder coated and the customers can choose matt or glossy finish, color and texture, etc. You can even have a different color inside and out, which is impossible with uPVC. Due to the strength of aluminum, the frames can be very slim which not only gives a modern, aesthetically pleasing look to the property, but maximizes the glass area.

pros and cons of bifolding doors house extension ideas

The powder coated finish and the wide range of colors allows you to incorporate bi fold patio doors into any décor style.

When it comes to choosing a configuration, homeowners can select between different options and customize the design in accordance with their space. For example, a 6-door set can be designed in several ways – all six panels folding in one direction, three panels folding in each direction, one or two panels folding in one direction and the other panels folding in the other direction.

garden room ideas bifold doors home office design

The photos in the gallery below will show you how practical and versatile bi fold patio doors are.


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bifolding doors opening towards garden

Garden Bifold doors types opening advantages

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modern patio doors ideas interior exterior transition

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