What do you need to know about metal shingles?

Author: Kremena Ruseva

residential roofing ideas metal roof shingles

Metal shingles area relatively new solution in the field of commercial and residential roofing. The lightweight and low cost of the supporting structure and the low maintenance makes them a popular choice for many homeowners. In addition, the material is suitable for all kinds of roofs as the installation is fast, cheap and with good aesthetics.


What do you need to know when choosing metal shingles?

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There are different kinds of shapes, colors and styles of metal shingles which can be fit in almost any building style. The market offers many options and the production of different manufacturers differs both in appearance and technical characteristics. Metal roofing can resemble the patterns of clay tiles, wood, or Victorian metal plates. In order to create the desired appearance, aluminum and steel material is processed to obtain individual realistic shapes.

metal roof shingles design traditional look orange color

Metal shingles are very resistant to various external effects. In addition, they are lightweight,can be placed on existing roofs.

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Modern metal roofs are highly resistant to wind and fire, for example, they can withstand winds of 180 km /h. They are also energy efficient and reflect heat which can save up to 20% of your energy cost for heating.

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Water and moisture resistance is another advantage as the shingles are manufactured with special coatings which protect them from corrosion even in industrial environments.

metal roof shingles colors textures modern house exterior

The fast installation and low maintenance, the fact that the shingles do not require special cleaning and do not lose their resistance for years when exposed to various influences make them a cost effective choice and you can be sure that your roof will look good for years on end.


Disadvantages of metal shingles

metal roof metal shingles modern house roofing

One of the biggest disadvantages of metal shingles is that the roof can be somewhat noisy. If a slight rain would sound like a romantic tapping, a heavier rain would sound like a drum beat.

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Depending on the material, some roofs may suffer denting. Aluminum and copper, for example, are much softer than steel and are more prone to denting.

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Metal shingles are offered with different finishes and it is possible that painted roof finishes can peel, chip, fade or scratch, despite the guarantee period of 30 years.

metal roof design ideas metal pros and cons

Metal expands and contracts with temperature changes so you need to make sure that your roof has a fastening system that will accommodate such movements.

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Metal shingle house recycled aluminum eco friendly roof

Metal roof shingles modern residential roofing

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