Vintage signs – how to use them as decoration in interior design?

by Kremy

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Vintage signs can be great decorating pieces and let’s admit it – they can add incredible style and character in any room – kitchen, living room, bedroom, even bathroom. Vintage is a hot trend and although experts differ in their opinion for the definition of vintage and retro, designers and decorators offer fantastic ideas how to use the old signs in interior design. Are you attracted to the old time beauty of a worn out road sign? Do you wonder where people find these things? Well, you can find such signs at any good second hand shop or at a flea market. Even on the internet you can find gorgeous items which would look great in any interior. If you are looking for an unusual and fun decoration for your home, signs are will allow you to add style, originality and personality to the decor.


Vintage signs – home accessories with character and history


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The term vintage is connected with the production of wine, which was used to mark a particular crop or a year, the French word “vintage”, which literally means “aged wine”. Later the word entered in everyday language and was used to describe in what year an object was made so the term actually dates something. Why vintage signs have become so popular as decoration for the home? Everyone has his own reasons to be fascinated by vintage items but the nostalgic feeling that they evoke and the charm of old times are appealing to all of us. A particular brand or a company logo may have a special value for a person, some items become fashionable and the demand for them is very high but after all it is always the personal taste that matters when you are searching for the right decoration for your home.

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Hanging a few old-time signs around your home is an interesting way to add a little character to a room. These could be sometimes older than 100 years, and they all have a story to tell. Metal signs will be excellent conversation pieces as you explain their history to your guests. Beer signs, road signs, cute wooden signs – all these can be used to complement your home bar, the hallway or the kitchen. How to recognize a vintage item? There are different opinions and there is no one single answer to what vintage, retro or antique is, but there is a general rule that vintage items are more than 50 years but less than 100. If you are holding a piece that is 150 years old, do not miss, it’s an antique. The old iron of your mother from 30 years ago is retro, but the iron of your grandmother is vintage.


Vintage signs – an investment in original and unique home decor


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For centuries, people have been finding old things interesting, carrying the scent of the past and decorating their homes with heirloom treasures. Nowadays vintage is fashionable, whether we talk about hairstyle, scarlet lipstick and eyeliner application, clothing, music, patterns or home decoration. Buying such items has become an investment because with time they become antiques and their prices rise and very often the price tag of vintage items is much higher and they are more expensive than new ones. People fall in love not so much with the product itself but with its past. Very often these are not just fashionable items but a part of someone’s history. Owning vintage items is something exciting and even the weirdest objects can have a great value.

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There are several trends in vintage style: artificially aged items created by using old technology with retro design and partial vintage items in which new items use elements of retro design. However, an authentic item can be faked and when you are searching for vintage signs you can check the authenticity to make sure that they are not a replica or fake.

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When you look at metal signs check for rust. A sign that is rusting around is usually authentic. Learn the history of the objects that you intend to buy. For example, when you buy metal signs, it will be useful to know that cast iron signs are not used probably in the early 20th century. Many of the old signs were actually made of steel or tin so beware of fakes.

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Check the letters of the sign – if they look too perfect, it is most likely that the sign is not true vintage. If the letters have slight variations, the sign is old. Paintbrush strokes also help prove the age of the characters and this is most often a way to recognize if a wood sign is authentic or not.


How to use the items for decoration?

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When you want to express your personal style and create a living space that is unique you need accents and accessories with character. A slatted wood sign in the kitchen immediately transforms the appearance and the atmosphere. Vintage metal signs remind of the roadside diners in the ’50s, and they can be original wall dеcor for a teen bedroom.

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When you want to use vintage signs as home accessories and decoration, the first thing that you need to do is to consider the overall design concept of the interior. They will be a complement to Shabby chic style, Industrial and Loft style, rustic style, eclectic, Bohemian, mid-century modern. However, a vintage metal sign may look out of place in contemporary or minimalist style, so you have to use these items in the right design style. Enjoy the gallery below and get inspired!

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