Asian house interior design – basic principles of decoration

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Asian house interior design is appealing and fascinating to many people who would like to understand the philosophy and lifestyle and experience the daily life of the people living in Asia. When we talk about Asian house interiors most people think of Japan and China but the concept of Asian style is much broader and is a complex combination of national traditions typical for China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and other countries of the East that have left a trace in the magnificent decor of the homes.

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Asian style has its supporters all over the world among people who are attracted by the simplicity of this style, its lightness, elegance, functionality and, of course, interesting solutions of standard problems so they design the interior of their homes in accordance with the cultures of these countries. The unique Asian style was a mystery for hundreds of years due to the fact that the countries were closed to outsiders and foreigners. Asian interiors are quite distinctive and completely different from the typical interiors in Europe or America. Asian interior design is based on minimalism, balance, light, a harmonious combination of different elements which create a relaxing atmosphere.

Asian house interior design – basic features and elements of Asian style in the interior

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One of the main advantages of Asian house interior design is its versatility as depending on the personal taste and preferences of the homeowner it can be neutral, exotic, bright or even dramatic. Chinese interiors, for example, can combine contrasting colors like red, gold and black while Japanese styled interiors are based on neutral colors, simplicity of lines, natural materials and meaningful decorative accessories.

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Asian style is characterized with a very careful planning when choosing the interior color scheme, textures, furniture, decorative elements and lighting. Asian house interior design, as a concept, is focused on the proximity to Nature. Natural wood like bamboo is typical in all variations of Asian style. Multi-functional pieces of furniture are also a characteristic feature of Asian interiors as the living space is often much more limited and each item has to perform several functions and at the same time leave enough free space. Window openings also differ in the different versions of Asian style. A Chinese decor allows you to use rich decoration for windows, including heavy fabric with ornaments while Japanese style is much simpler.

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Water is a major element in Asian style and often featured in interiors. The flow of water should be seen and heard and a vertical fountain, an aquarium or another water feature can be used to introduce water into the interior of the home.

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When choosing Asian style for your home you have to avoid cluttering the space with furniture. The criteria for selecting the furniture should be its functionality. Floor cushions can be used to provide seating and screens will help you to divide the space and the functional areas of the home.

Asian house interior design ideas – decorating a modern home to create a peaceful and harmonious living space

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Asian house interior design is widely popular in contemporary homes. These interiors are strikingly beautiful, elegant, based on balancing the different elements and thanks to their clean, smooth lines and the harmony they create, the house has a positive atmosphere. Very few people choose to implement Asian style in only one room of the home. The style works best when used in every room as it creates connections and a feeling of completeness.

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Colors and background in Asian style interiors play a major role. The colors of Nature are the typical color scheme and in many Asian interiors we see a neutral color scheme. A more modern approach to Asian design features the traditional beige, sandy and light browns but also pale blues and even elegant gray tones which work flawlessly and create a soothing background that offers a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Bright colors and contrasting color combinations are not excluded in Asian style. Color accents that stand out when placed against the backdrop of a calm neutral environment, however, should be used with care. Pink, cherry, red or deep purple are also a part of the colors suitable for an Asian themed interior. Subtle shades of black add a hint of mystical charm while elegant gold tones add sophistication to the interior.

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In addition to a balanced color scheme for the interior, textures should be carefully chosen as they add depth and character. Remember that respect for Nature is one of the fundamental principles of Asian style. For example, combine wood floors or screens with decorative elements made of natural stone or other organic textures. Plants, bonsai trees or shrubs in pots add a natural element to the interior design and although to many people these small details seem insignificant, they can transform the atmosphere of the room.

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Modern homes often combine elements of different Asian themes and several different styles. Before mixing elements you need to understand the philosophy of the different styles. A Japanese interior design is simple, minimalist and closest to nature. A traditional Chinese decor is much richer, with regal red, gold, purple, jade colors and carved furniture decorations. Indian style is based on the richness of colors, textures and decorations. Mixing elements, colors and decoration techniques from the variations of Asian style can be tricky, so most designers advise that you opt for more neutral interiors in the common areas. Add accents to underline and enhance the style – a few pieces of art and rich fabrics with Indian motifs or Chinese design techniques and colors to set a focal point.

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Everyone involved in interior design is aware of the fact that it is constantly developing, introducing new and innovative concepts, mixing old and new and creating thrilling and amazing decors. Same applies for Asian house interior designs – materials, colors and textures are presented in a new and original way and modernity is combined with tradition. Enjoy the gallery below and the fantastic Asian themed interiors created with respect to Nature, the philosophy of balance and the principles of harmony.


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