Unique modern lamps with creative and unusual design by Design MID

by Kremy

modern home interior unique modern lighting fantasia lamps

A family of unique modern lamps, created by Italian studio Design MID (Manifattura Italiana Design), is bringing a smile to our face as they remind us of our childhood and our favourite cartoons. Inspired by Disney’s famous “Fantasia”, these fantastic pieces look like they escaped from the movie screen and landed comfortably in a home to bring the magic to our life.

 Modern lamps design that allow using your own imagination

modern lamps fantasia lamps


The Fantasia family is, of course, presented by Mr. and Mrs. Fantasia and a bunch of little Fantasias. The most charming feature in the design of these modern lamps is that they are flexible and customizable. Designed with a tripod base, the lighting fixtures can be extended at your wish, convenience and imagination with anything that fits in the diameter of the tripod. You need a table lamp, a floor lamp, a desk lamp? No problem – Fantasia will serve any purpose.

Magic and imagination in the design of the unique modern lamps

fantasia reading lamp modern home lighting

Just like in a movie, the unique modern lamps give you the chance to create your own Fantasia world. You no longer need specific tools or skills to extend the length of your lamp. A bunch of carrots will do the trick. Or spaghetti? Or artichoke? Why not a broom stick? And the best about Fantasia lighting fixtures is that they can be placed anywhere. The fixtures come in two varieties. Mr. Fantasia is a hanging lamp with a cluster of three wired bulbs while the other options feature a single bulb standing on three legs. Mrs. Fantasia holds the bulb upright while the Little Fantasias, just like naughty children, can bend theirs at various angles. Home lighting can be so exciting with a bit of imagination!

contemporary lighting fixtures floor lamp Fantasia

Fantasia lamps can be placed anywhere you need them

unique modern lamps floor lamp Fantasia


Mr. Fantasia with a cluster of three wired bulbs

modern home lighting fixtures adjustable height

Creativity and imagination in home lighting design

contemporary home interior unique modern lamps fantasia

Daily objects will come handy if you need to extend the fixture

worktop light MID fantasia lamps

Safe and comfortable lighting fixtures

lighting fixtures MID fantasia

A stable tripod base

unique modern lamps modern home lighting

  Adjustable angle

table lighting ideas decoration  decoration ideas

lighting fixtures reading table

decoration ideas contemporary lights table

creative lighting fixtures unique



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