What Are the Best Plants for Full Sun Patio? 6 Heat-Resistant Varieties to Grow

by Kremy

Light is always an important part of growing flowers in containers outdoors. Most people have a hard time choosing species that will thrive in low light or shade. The truth is that finding the right plants for full sun patio is just as difficult. We have collected the most beautiful varieties to grow without fear of heat and drought.

Plants for Full Sun Patio: Here Is Our Selection of Drought-Resistant Flowers

flowers and plants for sunny patio

You’ll find that most sun loving plants are flowers or herbs that can be grown on the balcony, because flowering species need the extra energy of UV rays to blossom. In very warm regions, many of these plants grow as perennials because they do not freeze during the winter. In other areas, they are annuals that can be planted each spring for a season of color and growth.

what are the best plants in pots for full sun patio



plants for sunny patio petunias

For a burst of color in a range of shades, opt for potted petunias. They are available in purple, red, pink, white and different combinations of variegated colors.

Petunias do very well in fairly warm or sunny conditions, but you will need to water them when the soil is dry to the first centimeter. If you are lucky, you will get 8 hours of sunlight for your flowers, but they can still survive with 5 or 6 hours.

Some varieties grow in vines, making them excellent in hanging baskets or planters, letting their tendrils drape over the edges. You can also plant a bushier petunia in a standard container.


flowers for full sun balcony or patio lavender

If you have a large enough pot, lavender can be an excellent container plant for your patio in full sun. Unlike most of the other plants on this list, lavender is a plant that can grow as a true perennial every year.

The soil in your pot should be loose and well-drained, and you’ll need a well-lit spot for at least 6-8 hours. Also, you can let the soil dry out, provided you soak it well during irrigation.

The dried flowers of lavender are highly valued for their fragrance indoors, so you can harvest the flower spikes when they are in full bloom.

Plants for Sunny Patio: Calibrachoa

plants for full sun patio calibrachoa

Although it looks a lot like petunias, calibrachoa (also known as million bells) is an entirely different species of plant. It is a slow-growing plant, which rarely reaches 30 cm in height.

As usual, having plenty of sun is important for the calibrachoa, although it isn’t as happy in the heat as a petunia. Adding some shade when the weather warms up can help it last longer and continue blooming well into fall.

The soil should stay moist and not dry out too much.

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Plants for Full Sun Patio – Sedum

sedum full sun patio balcony plants ideas

Sedum is a very large group of succulents, with so many varieties that you may not realize they are the same type of plant. Some species are slow-growing lianas, others stand tall.

Either way, sedums all have characteristic fleshy leaves and produce large clusters of very small flowers, which usually bloom in late summer or fall.

Although it is a succulent plant that likes the sun, the sedum is very resistant to cold and will survive winter without problem. This also means it can outgrow a pot in a few years.

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sun loving plants for your patio gaillardia pulchella

Resembling a bright red and yellow daisy, the large-flowered gaillardia (also known as blanket flower) is a colorful choice for your sunny patio. It grows very well in large containers and can reach a height of 30-90cm, depending on the variety.

If you’re short on space, opt for the ‘Goblin’ variety which stays small. Dry soil may be fine on occasion, as these plants are drought-tolerant and sun-loving.

The plant will continue to bloom from early summer until the first frost, if you cut off older flowers before they go to seed. It is a perennial that will come back even after a cold winter. If you don’t like replanting every spring, she’ll save you that effort.

Plants for Full Sun Patio: Large-Flowered Purslanes

purslane with large flowers sun loving plants

Large-flowered purslanes (also known as little hogweed or parsley) is a popular choice for rock gardens in full sun and with dry soil. Sometimes called moss rose, this desert plant grows in the most “inhospitable” places of the terrain.

It flowers in many different colors and has unusual thin leaves along its tendrils. It is a perfect plant for a hanging basket.

Your plants probably won’t survive the winter unless you live in a warm area. It needs at least 8 hours of direct sun and should be watered when the soil is dry. You need to pinch off dead flowers to prolong the flowering of the plants.



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