Yellow nail art designs – fantastic manicure ideas for a sunny mood

by Kremy

Yellow nail art designs spring summer ideas

Yellow nail art designs – fashionable or kitchy? Many women are afraid to use these shades for their manicure so we selected some fantastic nail art ideas to show you the beauty of this bright and sunny color. In spring and summer we want positive and bright colors. Our mood is reflected literally in everything – from the choice of clothing, accessories, makeup to the color of manicure. Nail art in yellow provides numerous opportunities for original color combinations, drawings and designs – from elegant, discreet and office appropriate manicure to bright and playful ideas for the holiday.

summer nail art ideas for short nails


How to choose the right shade for your manicure? Here are some secrets and useful tips which will help you. Like any other color, yellow has many shades. Generally, it is a warm color and the market offers a wide selection – from lovely pastel tones to eye-catching neon, and you can easily find the right one for you. In addition, you can combine it with many other colors and we shall give you some ideas for the best choices. All shades are associated with heat and sun, so they immediately attract attention. When you choose a shade you need to make sure that it is appropriate for your skin. Yellow manicure looks great on short nails and nails of medium length.

nail design ideas spring summer

Experts advise that it is better to avoid this color for long nails or if you really want to have a manicure in yellow, select pastel shades. Keep in mind that when using a bright and rich color for your manicure you should not overload your nails with excessive decorations. Many summer nail designs are based on lime, lemon, mustard or saffron shades and these are ideal for your beach vacation. Choose calm neutral tones like amber, sand, honey or champagne for everyday and if you need to take a dress code into account, the ideal option would be a discreet and stylish manicure with a matte finish.

Yellow nail art designs – color combinations for a beautiful manicure

stylish yellow and black nail art

Yellow nail art ideas vary not only in design but in color combinations. One of the main advantages of this color is that it combines beautifully with many other colors – orange, blue, green, red, crimson, brown, black, etc. Of course, there are some rules that you need to know in order to avoid a tasteless or kitchy result. Despite the fact that the color belongs to warm tones, when other colors are added to it, for example, blue, ash gray, scarlet or turquoise, it turns into a cold one. Here are some ideas how to make successful combinations:

You can combine yellow with soft orange, raspberry, turquoise;

Yellow and neutral colors – white, gray and black;

For office appropriate manicure or business style – yellow varnish with matte finish combined with neutral colors like white, gray or beige. Rich colors can be added only as small accents;

Other combinations that look harmoniously are yellow and chocolate brown, blue-violet, dark blue, mint-green, amber, etc.

Bright manicure in yellow tones can emphasize the slightest defects of nail plates and cuticles. Make sure that you took care of your hands prior applying the varnish. Minor defects and irregularities can be hidden with the help of a base applied in 2 layers.

summer nails ideas colors patterns

Yellow and black manicure is one of the most spectacular options and, perhaps, the safest one. You can never go wrong combining yellow nail art designs with black accents. This duo can look elegant and noble which makes it a great choice for an evening gathering. Luxurious black and yellow nail designs will be a good choice for a cocktail party, when you wear an evening dress and elegant hairstyle. Rhinestones perfectly harmonize with this color scheme. At the same time the combination can be playful and casual, for example if you add small bees or fruits like sliced lemon patterns and create an unforgettable summer look. As you know, the look will depend on the pattern and selection of shades but whichever style you choose, your manicure will certainly not be boring.

beautiful yellow and blue nail art ideas

Blue yellow nail art designs also enjoy an enormous popularity as this is quite a classic combination of colors. However, it is necessary to select such shades with extreme caution and work with them carefully. Do not forget about the rules of color combinations. The shades should have the same intensity and saturation and you should combine only warm or only cold tones. Otherwise, the design may look quite tasteless. In addition to the above said, you need to remember that these tow colors enhance each other and only one of them must be selected as a main tone. You can combine these colors on different nails, for example, yellow only on the ring and middle finger, and blue on the rest. Since the concept of a combination of blue and yellow is built on a sharp contrast, you have to be very careful with additional manicure decorations. It is best if you add rhinestones or decorative elements on just one or two fingers.

yellow orange ombre nail design

Yellow orange manicure is another popular option and stylists offer a huge number of different nail designs combining these two sunny and rich colors. Do not think that such nail design is necessarily looking flashy and is a sign of bad taste. You can combine these colors with the help of all sorts of abstract or thematic drawings, ornaments or patterns. An excellent, a bit more complex, but also more attractive option, will be gradient nail art where colors are smoothly changing from yellow to orange. A vertical gradient pattern is an elegant and at the same time spectacular option. If your office does not have a very strict dress code, then gradient nail art will be quite acceptable at work as well. It will be great to look at your hands and think not only about your work tasks but remember that it is still summer outside, wouldn’t it? Another simple, easy and attractive option is to paint each of the nails with yellow and orange lacquers and your manicure will resemble bright sun rays running from the tips of your fingers.

yellow nail art ideas wedding manicure

Yellow white manicure is ideal for spring and summer season. This is a beautiful combination in which yellow gives brightness and white adds a cold touch to the nail design. Yellow and white are colors that work in perfect harmony with each other and can be used in different patterns. French nails look exceptionally elegant and fruit nail art is the perfect casual design for the hot weather. Butterflies, polka dots, geometric patterns – whichever you choose, you will have a fantastic manicure.

red and yellow nail art texture and gloss finishes

With the help of red and yellow shades, it is possible to create almost any nail design using different techniques. Nail art in these colors – ombre, gradient, flowers and fruits, geometric lines, etc. always attracts attention and can be used for different purpose and looks. You can wear the combination everyday or as an evening manicure.

Yellow nail art design ideas and patterns

super cute yellow nails ideas

Yellow nail art designs can be absolutely stunning and eye catching. One can hardly say which manicure technique will be more popular. Typically nail art novelties are mainly associated with the appearance of various design tools on the market.

french manicure in bright yellow and white

Yellow French is a variation of the timeless classic. It can be either bright or in pastel shades of melted milk, cream or pale yellow. This manicure perfectly combines matte varnishes and metallic accents. To emphasize the natural color of your own nails, you can combine negative space nail art with light shade yellow lacquer. You can also experiment with a combination of different textured materials and finishes. For example – matte finish with rhinestones, glossy finish and velvet nail polish with a soft, rich effect, quite similar to fabric. Another creative way to add visual interest to your yellow nail art design is to use caviar effect finishes or varnish with feather effect.

Marble nail art is an easy DIY pattern and it can be done at home. The combination of rich yellow with bright varnishes or black lacquer will look especially stylish. The technique is not very difficult and can be quickly mastered.

spring summer nail art ideas in yellow

Moon nail design with yellow hues looks bright and unusual. Classic is always in fashion, no matter whether we talk about clothes, hairstyles or manicure. Moon nail art is among the classic and very stylish options which remain widely popular. You can choose the classic or reverse shape or combine several techniques – negative space nails, geometric lines, flowers, etc.

yellow and green nail art french manicure

Enjoy the gallery below and see the selection of the best yellow nail art design ideas! Hopefully, you will find something to inspire you for the coming season!

yellow nails ideas summer manicure

yellow and blue manicure with matte finish

yellow and black manicure ideas

short nails for the summer choosing the color

playful yellow nail art ideas bees pattern

negative space manicure with floral pattern

gold yellow and black nail art festive manicure

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