IKEA Swedish House Mafia collection: creativity, style and comfort in an exquisite collaboration!

by Kremy

What a wonderful collaboration! Although it may seem unorthodox, Swedish House Mafia and IKEA actually make a lot of sense together! If you like clean styles, lots of black, fiddling with music, or sitting on your PC for long periods of time, then this collaboration is for you! We present to you the IKEA Swedish House Mafia Collection which will be officially released in October! Here are the items featured in the collaboration. Kick off this fall with impeccable style!

IKEA Swedish House Mafia collection: maximum productivity and creativity

IKEA Swedish House Mafia collection desk

What is the connection between SHM and IKEA? Yes, Sweden, of course, but what else? Here’s what the band members said about the minimalist OBEGRÄNSAD collection:

“With this collaboration, we basically wanted to create what we would have wanted when we were younger, and to help younger people like us to afford cool equipment to get started in music production.”

Of course, it is not necessary to have musical inspirations to acquire the items of the collection. However, it is designed to be useful when working with electronics. As the home office has become popular all over the world and more and more people are spending their working days at home, you can set up a fantastic workspace in your home. Or, if you’re a student, minimalist furniture will give you plenty of space. In addition, large open spaces without clutter boost motivation at work and help fight lack of concentration. Its sleek design will boost your mood and make you more creative and productive than ever. And the best part of it all? Affordable prices! Moreover, for a softer and clearer style, check out the IKEA 2022 fall novelties and in particular the TOLKNING collection! Let’s see what it is!

Furniture for living room/office

Here are the items that will perfectly fit any style of living room, especially industrial design. The clean and simple designs were made specifically to boost productivity and improve overall work performance. Even if this collaboration is placed under the sign of minimalism, it is not necessarily dark and cold. You will see!

IKEA Kallax shelf

catalogue ikea 2022 storage shelf


It’s the IKEA Kallax shelf reinvented for 149 €! It’s great not only for books and decorations, but also for vinyl and CDs. You can even turn it into your own DJ booth at home!

IKEA desk

IKEA Swedish House Mafia collection fall 2022

You can get the OBEGRÄNSAD black desk for €199. It offers plenty of space so you can create freely without having to think about where to put all the clutter.

Vinyl storage

ikea collection 2022 Vinyl storage

Do you like listening to music the old-fashioned way? Did you know that a turntable has the cleanest sound? Are you a music purist or just a collector? No matter! Get this vinyl storage for only €6.99!

Black shelf

IKEA shelf black color

Have a small space? Then buy a smaller shelf! It is more affordable (79.99 €) and you can still store a lot of items in it.


turntable IKEA

The centerpiece of IKEA’s new collection? The black turntable (€129) for all fans of good music and good quality!

Laptop table

IKEA Swedish House Mafia collection Laptop stand

Your desk is too low and your laptop is not at eye level when you are seated? Or, do you want to move during work and work standing up? Either way, this laptop tablet ($9.99) is a must!

Tablet holder

tablet holder home office ideas

It’s a great way to use your tablet without having to struggle to hold it in your hands while doing something or eating. This tablet holder (€6.99) is also easy to transport thanks to its small size!

Armchair and rug

IKEA Swedish House Mafia collection rug and armchair

This light, black armchair (€99), with clean lines, is there to give you comfort during your rest. In the meantime, your feet need a soft place to rest! Grab this soft black rug for €49.99!

IKEA Swedish house mafia collection: Bedroom

Even though the collection is more about productivity and creativity, these two things are totally useless without a good dose of rest. Sleep is essential and the IKEA Swedish House Mafia collaboration has thought about it! Here are some essential items for the cold days of fall!

Cushion cover

catalogue ikea 2023 Cushion cover

This cushion cover (€9.99) will give you a feeling of warmth and comfort when you rest on your bed. And not only that, it is extremely chic!

Black blanket

IKEA blanket black

What’s a comfy and wonderful Saturday without a hot coffee, a good TV show and a soft throw (€35) to keep you warm?

Black mules

Ikea Black mules for the home

Do you also want something warm for your feet? Buy these black mules for only €9.99!

IKEA Swedish house mafia collection: LED accessories

Are you a night owl? Are you a tech geek? Then this part of the collection is made especially for you! These lights and gadgets are great for any room in your home, but they’ll fit best where you study/create/do your work!

LED lamps

Floor lamp IKEA

Here’s a great LED lamp (€79.99) that has a concert vibe! Put it next to your armchair to read in the room or next to the shelf to quickly find objects in the dark.

IKEA desk lamp

This is a smaller lamp, but much more efficient when working until the early hours! Grab this LED desk lamp for €49.99!

LED clock

IKEA clock LED light

Are you an admirer of unconventional and innovative designs? Want a clock, but find most of them dull? Grab this clock for €49.99!

LED wall lamp

Wall mounted LED lamp black

Are you tired of the same style? This LED wall lamp (€89.99) will allow you to create your own lighting! There are five different programs that will allow you to achieve interesting effects every time. Check out the official website for a few more accessories from the IKEA Swedish House Mafia Collection!

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