Sculptural corner light by Angelika Seeschaaf

by Kremy

modern interior lighting corner light angelika seeschaaf

Creative design is helping us in our daily life. And that is what concept is all about. An amazing Corner light by Angelika Seeschaaf is the perfect example how design combines art and functionality. Based in Toronto, this talented designer of German origin is offering fantastic and unexpected visions with artistic twists that will add not only convenience but style in every modern home interior.

A corner light which uses interior corners

corner light angelika seeschaaf small shelf stainless steel


In most homes interior lighting exploits mainly the walls and ceilings. How about unused corners? This artistic corner light provides the opportunity to take advantage of unused space and make it work for us. Crafted of stainless steel sheeting the lighting fixture is equipped with warm white LEDs and. A small shelf conveniently accommodates tiny possessions of the inhabitants – a cell phone, a purse or a make- up set. The shelf features a touch sensitive light switch and a wireless phone recharger so you can be sure that leaving your phone it will be taken care of and wirelessly charged.

An award winning corner light design

LED lighting wireless technology corner light angelika seeschaaf

This creative corner light is the winner of the first place during Toronto Design Week 2014. The cubist abstract shape combined with modern technology and functionality brought the award to this modern lighting fixture. It can be installed in the corner of your corridor and not only add light but add style and become an interior accent.

contemporary lighting ideas corner light angelika seeschaaf


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