Creative Easter decoration ideas – country style denim wrapped eggs

by Kremy

DIY easy holiday projects how to make denim wrapped eggs tutorial

This is one of the most creative and interesting Easter decoration ideas. The denim wrapped Easter eggs are original and absolutely unusual with a fantastic country flair. We all think first of colored and decorated eggs or eggs made of chocolate, but this is completely new. You can decorate eggs of different sizes and add a charming accent to your holiday interior.

Easter decoration ideas – an easy DIY project

 DIY easter holiday activities kids crafts egg decorating denim fabric


A different style and a whole new theme is offered by the Easter decoration ideas. It is an easy DIY craft project which is also suitable for children as all materials are safe and the project will give an opportunity to learn a different technique. What you need for this creative Easter egg decoration? Old jeans, eggs, glue, scissors and a marker – that is all. As far as eggs are concerned you may use plastic ones which are sold in craft stores or blown out. Remember that blown out eggs need to be washed and let dry before decorating them. Start with cutting the old jeans into small square pieces. If you have fabrics from different pairs of jeans – the final result shall be even more captivating.


Easter decoration ideas for kids and moms

 DYI Easter crafts rustic style decoration eggs denim

If you have decided to use blown out eggs there is one big advantage in this technique – the size of holes does not matter as all the egg surface is covered with the fabric. If you have eggs with bigger holes which you think are not good enough for any other finer and more delicate designs – they will be perfect to be wrapped in denim. Plastic eggs are easy to work with and it is much safer to use them if you make of this idea a kids activity. Once you have cut the denim pieces, find a convenient egg holder and apply glue with a brush. Stick the denim pieces (apply glue on them too) so that they overlap each other without leaving gaps. After the patched half gets dry, finish the other one in the same manner. With the help of a fine Sharpie Marker draw tiny “stitches” on the patches. Allow the decorated eggs dry overnight, if necessary and then arrange as a table centerpiece or mantel decoration – whatever suits you. Easter decoration ideas are so exciting! Give it a try!

DIY Easter eggs decoration kids crafts and activities

You need simple and cheap materials

Easter decoration ideas denim eggs easy holiday craft ideas


Decorate half of the egg and let it get dry

easy easter ideas kids simple materials egg decorating

Decorate other half and let it dry too

Easy easter egg decorating ideas fabric wrapped eggs tutorial

 Draw “stitches” with a marker

Easter fun activities kids egg decorating ideas

 Arrange in a bowl

interesting Easter eggs decorating ideas wrapped eggs tutorial



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