Cute Easter home decorating ideas – how to make speckled eggs

Easter home decorating ideas speckled eggs pastel colors

Easter is an opportunity to create a festive atmosphere in your home. We try to pick the most interesting and original Easter home decorating ideas and today we have chosen a particularly charming idea which you may use –the speckled eggs. You may use blown out or hard-boiled eggs depending on your need.

Easter home decorating ideas create a festive mood in your home

Easter home decor blown out speckled eggs on tree branch

If you have not found anything that you like from all the Easter home decorating ideas, look at these fantastic speckled Easter eggs which have an incredible rustic charm. They are not as glossy and shiny as other Easter eggs decorations and yet they are just as beautiful with the natural look. The technique to make speckled eggs is pretty simple. You need egg dye and a brush (or a toothbrush). Prepare the dye in separate bowls or mugs for each color and add a spoonful of vinegar. After you have colored the eggs, let them dry and it is time to make the speckles. Mix 10 drops of red and 5 drops of green food coloring in a small glass with a few drops of water and you will get a brown dye. Dip the toothbrush in the brown dye. Point the toothbrush 6 to 10 inches (10-15 cm) from the egg and run your finger along the bristles from front to back to speckle the egg. That’s it – you made speckles! Let the eggs sit on a carton until dry and store in the fridge or continue with arranging them in another way.

Be original and use Easter home decorating ideas for an unforgettable holiday

Original easter decoration blue speckled eggs nest

You may use some golden paint and will have eggs with golden speckles following the same technique, described above. If you are not making eatable eggs – a spray can be used for the speckles. Here is a hint – quail eggs are naturally speckled. They are really miniature but will be a magnificent accent on your Easter dinner table and you can make small nests for each one of the people who will be sharing your Easter dinner. If you create the right mood and festive atmosphere and make the best of Easter home decorating ideas, then it is most certain that the holiday will be a most pleasant one!

Easter crafts kids adults specked eggs tutorial

 Speckled eggs are easy and fun to make

easter eggs decorating ideas how to make speckled eggs

You can make them in several colors

creative easy easter decorating ideas speckled eggs

 Arrange them and enjoy the holiday

DIY easter home decorating ideas speckled eggs


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