Subway art painted eggs – the modern Easter decoration

by Kremy


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Don’t you face one and the same question every year? How to decorate for the holidays? Are you bored with the same old decor you use year after year? Well, we have prepared a modern Easter decoration idea for you which is not only creative but budget friendly.


Modern Easter decoration – respect the traditions in a new way

Subway art Easter eggs modern easter decoration ideas


Yes, it is a tradition to decorate the home for the holidays. But it is also a lot of fun, especially for children. This terrific and modern Easter decoration idea will give you the opportunity to show you are a cool mom. Subway art painted Easter eggs are a creative way to be not-so-traditional and teenage children will love it. All you need is a bit of imagination, hard boiled eggs, acrylic paint and some stickers. As an option – you may use wooden or blown out eggs.

Modern Easter decoration can be really cool

how to make subway art painted eggs Easter decorating

Start with boiling the eggs. Cut the words from the stickers and make sure they are right for the egg size. You may craft egg-graffiti or compose a whole message. For younger children you may use the letters of their names. Glue the stickers to the eggs and then paint the eggs with the acrylic paint. It is better if you paint the top, let it dry, then flip the egg and paint the bottom. We recommend that you use such eggs as decoration and not eat as they are painted with acrylic paint. Peel away the letters and you’re ready with your modern Easter decoration.



DIY modern easter decoration subway art eggs





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