Heat sensitive tiles – cool ideas for decorating with floor and wall tiles

by Kremy

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How would it feel to live in a constantly changing environment? To some people it sounds like a lot of fun. Is this, actually, possible? Yes, it is.

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Wall and floor and even furniture can be finished with amazing glass fragments. But these are not just regular ones, these heat sensitive tiles change their color with temperature !

bathroom ideas heat sensitivechanging color tiles

A product of Moving Color company, the small slabs exploit the possibilities of color and movement in a most creative way.

innovative tile technology by Moving Color

Heat sensitive tile designs are manufactured with a technology which allows a constant change of shapes and colors according to the temperature change.

moving color modern technology

This creative tiling can satisfy the craziest of wishes and you will not have to wonder what is the right color for your shower anymore.

glass moving color modern ideas

 They will change their color every time the water runs. Rainbow colors? Not a problem!

heat sensitive olor changing shower

The heat sensitive tiles are made with a special material and technology and that is where the secret is – Liquid crystal thermochromic technology with a patented application process.

Moving color outdoor table ideas heat sensitive surfaces

The heat sensitive tile designs are offered in different collections – regular looking or with abstract patterns, floral decors and you can use them as a wall finish, floor or ceiling decor as well as for decorative surfaces in combination with other materials.

Temperature sensitive by moving color

Northern lights collection is inspired by the northern lights of Alaska and features square glass fragments. They look perfectly black at room temperature and change their color rapidly when temperature changes.

aurora table surface creative design ideas

Aurora collection features a surfacing from a high quality laminated glass material with low iron content.

heat sensitive modern home decorating ideas

They are available in different shapes and sizes and are suitable for public areas décor or for original home decorations.


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