25 Super White granite countertop ideas – the alternative to marble

by Kremy

super white granite countertops quarzite countertops white kitchen cabinets

We will show you 25 Super White granite countertop ideas as the material is a bit mysterious to many homeowners and they wonder what exactly is Super white – is it granite, is it marble or is it something else? White granites for kitchens are especially popular and the decorative stones can be classified into two main categories – granite and marble, Super White is also known as American or Vermont White and it is quartzite.

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If you wanted to replace your existing countertops or you are planning a kitchen remodel, these Super White granite countertop ideas would help you in making your choice. As we said, this type is quartzite which is a natural rock and should not be mistaken with Quartz, which is a manmade product – composites of plastic resins with bits of glass, shells or rocks as well as colorants.

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Being a natural stone, quartzite is very resilient and stain-resistant. In addition quartzite is harder than and its properties are very similar to those of granite which is the reason that many sellers label it is granite.

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The images below of Super White granite countertops will demonstrate that such a countertop is an excellent alternative to marble as it offers the awesome appearance with much less maintenance. Marble is more susceptible of staining, etching, chipping, and scratching than any other natural stone countertops. It has a strong resemblance with marble and a great veiny look.

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It works well with any kitchen cabinets color and provides a look of exclusivity and luxury to the kitchen. Combined with white or antique cabinets, the countertops will blend seamlessly into the overall design but if you want to make them stand out, it is advisable to opt for darker finishes of the furniture.

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