Coffee brown granite countertops – a variety of hues to choose from

by Kremy

coffee brown kitchen granite countertops kitchen decoration ideas

The choice of a kitchen countertop from the plethora of options and colors can be either a grat pleasure or a great challenge. If you have not heard of Coffee brown granite countertops, then you have missed one of the most interesting stones on the market. It looks exactly as it sounds and is a widely popular choice for kitchen countertops.

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The brown mineral deposits throughout the slabs give its name and its unique beauty. They can vary in size and color and you may find slabs with specks from 1 to 4 cm and colors varying from deep chocolate to cappuccino shades. A particular feature of Coffee brown granite countertops is the abundance of specks, sometimes more than 50%, which determine the main color shade. The deposits catch the light and sparkle which gives the countertop an elegant and luxurious appearance. A great advantage of this granite is that color variation between different slabs is relatively low and dark brown granite is perfect for using in larger areas.

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Many people think that Coffee brown granite countertop designs are too dark. Although the majority of slabs are in the deeper color shades, the sparkling minerals make the look of the stone much brighter and lighter.

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The deposits look like numerous coffee beans scattered on the countertop and that is where the name comes from. Light conditions will change the appearance of the countertop. Bright and intense lighting will make the stone pattern more visible while in cloudy days or under little indoor lighting, the different shades be lost as they will blend together and create an impression of a uniform color.

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Coffee brown granite countertop designs will look different depending on the color of the cabinets. Combined with white kitchen cabinets – the countertop would create a bold contrast and be a focal point of the room. Combined with darker cabinets will diminish the power of the stone but it will still look great.

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