Outstanding gray living room designs – modern interior solutions

Written by Kremena Ruseva

outstanding gray living room designs contemporary apartment interior ideas

A living room in gray or white is a sign of modern interior design. Contemporary designers and architects appreciate the neutral colors particularly high and the reason for that is because neutral colors are suitable for any room and provide great opportunities for different color combinations. We will show you some outstanding gray living room designs which impress with stylish interiors.

 Modern gray living room designs – combining colors

outstanding living room designs gray carpet black media furniture

Gray, white and black can be combined together in so many different ways. The combination of colors is timeless and always modern, it is always successful in every area and in every room. Pattern, prints, ornaments and motifs combined courageously are the choice of fashion-oriented people who like a bit more extravagance and are not afraid of it.

 gray living room designs stylish wall art decorating idea

Art pieces such as vases and figurines with minimalist look, indirect LED lighting, wall art, some bold color accents transform a dull living room into an exciting space. Light is very important in gray living room designs. It can change the shade of gray and one and the same room can look in different ways. In daylight, a gray living room can look modern and sleek, same room can be lit in a way to look intimate and romantic or cozy and homey.

How to use accent colors in gray living room designs?

gray living room interior design color accents carpet wall paintings

Gray living room designs are the perfect backdrop for accent colors. Of course, one has to be careful not to overdo the decor. Keep to attractive, clean lines, high quality materials and your living room will be a masterpiece. Adding accent colors can be done in several ways. The most obvious is with a few decorative pillows.

 ideas sofa decorative pillows plush ottomans

A painting or modern art can be magnificent accents in a gray living room. A piece of designers’ furniture is always a smart choice – classic designs from the 50s to 70s are a good investment. Upholstery and home textiles – carpets, area rugs – can also be your color pop in a gray interior.


Open plan and gray living room designs

outstanding loft appratment ideas gray interior

Open plan areas are ideal for creating interiors in gray. They provides a particularly good basis for designing experiments and one can hardly go wrong. You can choose one or two shades of gray for the different areas – dining area, kitchen area – and combine with other colors.

grey living room ideas concrete walls lounge armchair red white ottoman modern floor lamp

Red color looks extremely well in gray room designs. Pillows, curtains, small home accessories immediately become color pops and add a feeling of dynamic in a monochrome interior. Yellow is another color that can be boldly used in combination with gray. Enjoy the gallery of outstanding designs and get inspired!

A completely gray interior is quite unusual and very few people dare experiments in only one shade of grade. When you want to combine gray shades with other colors you need to understand how they work. To add a feeling of energy, the fire colors – yellow, orange, red – will perfectly work with gray. Blues and greens add a feeling of calmness while purple and pink shades create an atmosphere of intimacy. Next to gray even the boldest of colors will not look so bright and annoying.

stylish sofa decorative pillows wall pictures

 modern tufted sofa colorful carpet
modern ideas concrete walls large gray corner sofa
modern gray sofa and shaggy rug
grey accent wall white grey sofa round black wooden table
 lounge chair modern gray sofa
minimalist concrete wall ceiling white sofa

modern design gray wall color sofa armchairs carpet

modern ideas sofa coffee table accent wall fireplace

modern gray wall color sofa set beige carpet

modern gray sofa concrete wall white chair

modern designs gray sectional sofa black floor lamp carpet

modern stylish minimalist gray wall color sofa

luxury interiors modern sofa floor lamp wood flooring

gray wall color sofa black white carpet

 decoration ideas modern sofa floor lamp

 decoration gray sofa carpet white walls

industrial design corner sofa brick wall pictures concrete wall

gray sofa wooden table wall bookshelf white curtain

gray wall color corner sofa floor lamp wall shelf

 sofa decorative pillows black side table lamps

large sectional sofa industrial style intrerior concrete ceiling

 gray furniture wallpapers white curtains wooden coffee table

gray sofa cowhide rug wall paintings

glamorous black white gray colors modern home ideas

concrete ceiling wooden blocks coffee table sofa

fantastic gray sofa yellow armchair decorative pillows

exceptional gray wall color leather sofa black armchair

elegant gray wall color sofa wall pictures


 gray interior concrete ceiling modern chair sofa

 decor gray sofa black carpet white wall furniture modern floor lamp

Awesome minimalist contemporary sofa shaggy rug wood flooring





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