Modern apartment interiors in a refurbished building by intercon

by Kremy

Modern apartment interiors by intercon elegant minimalist bedroom design

Barcelona is one of the most vibrant vivid and energetic cities in Spain. The problem with living space and old buildings is an issue like in any other big city. Design studio intercon took the challenge to refurbish an old office building into a contemporary living space and arrange modern apartment interiors that reflect the lifestyle of the present times. The project name was D219 and featured a complete transformation of unused space into a comfortable environment.

Modern apartment interiors bedroom bathroom open plan


Intercon is an interior architecture office and specializes in interior design projects. The purpose of D219 project was to transform the office building into double and triple flats, a duplex and a Penthouse. The building is situated in the very heart of Barcelona – the “ Eixample” neighbourhood, which is in a walking distance from many sightseeing places, parks and the harbor. The designers’ main goal – to maximize the opening up of the landscape through a glazed area – was achieved with modern partition walls. The minimalist style is widely used in the modern apartment interiors and utilizes the available space in the best possible way. The spa section is especially designed so that rays of natural light will penetrate through holes in the walls and create spectacular visual effect. A rooftop terrace offers an outdoor pool and spectacular views of Barcelona.

Modern interior design ideas intercon natural light shades

The trend of using urban space and transform it into a living space is growing and designers present creative solutions and re- arrangements which give a “second life” to unused and forgotten spaces. The refurbishment of D219 shows a focus on functional and stylish modern apartment interior ideas. The neutral colors bring an overall relaxed atmosphere of comfort. Huge glass sliding doors allow maximum natural light in the apartment. The bathroom/bedroom open plan design is ultra-modern and the contemporary furniture is elegant and functional. The living room/dining room/kitchen design unites the different zones in a smooth transition and depicts how modernity is combined with functionality.

Modern apartment interiors by intercon refurbished building

Modern home interior design by intercon living room sofa low coffee table

Modern apartment interiors by intercon minimalist interior design ideas

rooftop terrace outdoor swimming pool refurbished building

refurbished building D219 residential project intercon Barcelona

D219 apartment building architectural plan


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