High quality Italian bathroom furniture with minimalist design

by Kremy

modern Italian bathroom furniture design white wall mounted vanity

The timeless furniture feature discrete style and modern elegance. And these are the two main features of the quality Italian bathroom furniture presented by Toscoquattro.  Its simple and stylish details are a delight for the eye and hand. Strict linear shapes play with the curved lines and emphasize the volume. They are a very practical addition to the bath interior.

ultra modern italian bathroom furniture black vanity sink unit


The design of a bathroom in a modern style features the concepts of modern minimalism. Characterized by the simplicity, expressive detail, clarity and precision with the most simple geometric shapes and volumes, open colors and shades, the minimalist interior house designs is focused on elegance and functionality. The color palette is mostly neutral, featuring earth tones – white, beige, gray, brown and black which work together beautifully or can be used in various shades. When planning the look, we care for the high quality of selected furniture. The sink, the cabinets – these are classic pieces in the bathroom equipment. The wall mounted vanity with a built-in shelf provides a good alternative to the traditional models and is suitable for both modern, as well as for futuristic interior solutions. Bathroom design company Toscoquattro was found in 1979 and is among the leading manufacturers of high quality Italian bathroom furniture. The company is well known for the innovations in design and latest techniques. It offers luxurious models with ultra-modern designs, shapes and materials.

minimalist Italian bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub organic shape

The style, functionality and originality of the Italian bathroom furniture are present in this collection. The minimalist design of the vanities underlines the purity of shapes and the high quality of materials. Stone, ceramic, glass, steel are combined in order to achieve a sophisticated and elegant appearance. These give a guarantee for reliability, durability and optimum functionality. A half-spherical basin is perched on the edge of a minimalist design vanity block with a freestanding faucet. A free standing bathtub with a marvelous organic shape looks as if no mould is used at all. Rich earthy colors are blended to please the eye and add character to the interior. Lovers of futuristic furniture design will find an exquisite vanity and basins with original grated bottoms.

ultra modern Italian bathroom furniture by Toscoquattro

Italian bathroom furniture contemporary futuristic bathroom design black basin

minimalist Italian bathroom furniture design by Toscoquattro wooden vanity

italian bathroom furniture design double vanity unit natural colors

 italian bathroom furniture design double vanity unit small space sliding storage

High quality Italian bathroom furniture by Toscoquattro dark wood vanity unit

ultra modern bathroom furniture design semi spherical sink

small bathroom interior design ideas wooden vanity units

small bathroom modern furniture white vanity unit mirror

small bathroom interior design ideas cube shaped basin by Toscoquattro

small bathroom interior design ideas cube basin by Toscoquattro

quality Italian furniture design by Toscoquattro white vanity

modern Italian bathroom design by Toscoquattro

modern bathroom interior design walnut vanity integrated basin

modern bathroom interior design walnut vanity integrated wooden basin

Contemporary bathroom central cube shaped basin

modern bathroom interior design ideas cube shaped basin by Toscoquattro

modern small bathroom interior vanity

modern furniture design italian quality white basin grated bottom

modern bathroom design ideas storage vanity unit

minimalist design bathroom wood white vanity sloped basin

minimalist bathtoom design free standing modern white basins

small contemporary bathroom interior ideas dark wood minimalist vanity design

minimalist bathroom design dark wood speric basic

Luxury bathroom interior design italian furniture vanity unit bench

High quality furniture by Toscoquattro square stand tap

futuristic design white bathroom basins by Toscoquattro

elegant bathroom free standing oval tub

designer vanity units small space

contemporary bathroom wood white vanity minimalist design

contemporary bathroom design ideas vanity slide away drawer spheric basin

elegant furniture white basin stainless steel tap

bathroom interior design ideas modern wooden vanity with drawers

minimalist bathroom design free standing marble bathtub

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