54 modern dining room ideas – furniture, lighting and design

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Modern dining room ideas glossy dining table pendant lighting Mayfair House

The dining room is where the whole family gets to eat together and talk about everyday life. Therefore you should pay a great deal of attention in the interior of this are. In modern architecture this area is not separated in another space, but combined with the cooking and living area. The open space floor plans encourage communication and create a sense of freedom, because the walls are missing. We have compiled for you 54 modern dining room ideas that have been expertly furnished by designers and architects in contemporary homes and boutique apartments.

The variety of styles in modern dining room ideas

kitchen island cooking dining area black and wood combination table mimosa road

The modern dining room ideas that we have selected reveal the versatility of design and styles, as well as quite different architectural solutions. Whether traditional, industrial style, rustic, vintage or Scandinavian, there is a style for every taste. Look around at the available space and plan your dining room. Urban dwellings provide less space than large houses but this problem is easily overcome with a bit of imagination and creativity.

 Modern dining room ideas with exclusive style and elegance

modern dining room furniture white plastic East London Penthouse

The most important elements for a cozy dining room are the table, the chairs and the appropriate lighting. When buying furniture, you must take into consideration style, material and color. As the boundaries between living, cooking and dining areas are usually blurred, you should try to achieve a visual fluency. Select the table size by the number of people who would dine on a daily basis. The chairs design must correspond with the design of the table. The final touch is the lighting which provides a pleasant atmosphere.  The modern dining room ideas below will give you tips on wall art and space utilization too.

tel aviv town house large format floor tiles solid wood dining room table bench

 Modern minimalist design kitchen

minimalist kitchen dining area wooden dining table and chairs loft apartment

 Small kitchen design

small kitchen design dining area steel counter Fitzroy House

 Modern interior design creates a cozy feeling

living room dining area wooden dining table chairs floor lamp oak Maison Franken

 Black elements contrast to the white interior

open kitchen white black dining area metal chandelier Espace Le Moyne

 The open floor plan is an excellent way to create spaciousness

modern kitchen island ideas cooking dining area brick wall Astley Castle

 Original lighting fixtures add character to the area

Modern dining room ideas fresh colors green white high gloss pendant lights

The size of the table is of importance as well as the material

solid wood dining room rectangular table Burke Hill

Wall decoration will add to the atmosphere

spacious large dining table casa do patio

A room with a stunning panorama

Modern dining room ideas solid wood dining table panoramic view Outpost Estates

Suitable lighting can create a more intimate atmosphere

Modern dining room ideas solid wood dining table vases pendant lights Casa del Agua

modern house interior design dining table kitchen terrace access

modern house interior design black and wood combination garden view

beach house outdoor dining area wooden dining table chairs chandelier

wooden dining table eclectic style casa cor

Modern dining room ideas wooden dining furniture laminate floor

wood cladding glass tabletop Dezanove House

modern dining room ideas solid wood dining table lighting pendant lighting fixtures

domed roof metal chandelier Downley house

round wooden dining table carpet apartment in NYC

modern kitchen ideas white island stone kitchen backsplash recessed lights Casa G

round table pendant light carpet Leman Street apartment

modern apartment kitchen dining area round table chairs Leman Street

Mideas plank wood floor dining table white chairs LOFT Milano

Modern ideas open kitchen striped carpet round table

furniture solid wood table and bench stone wall

black table pendant lights Villa G

eclectic orange black white floor lamp NS House

 pendant light solid wood dining table checkered upholstery

ream carpet Burke Hill house design

ideas attic interior solid wood dining table chairs

furniture ideas glass table metal chairs Bondi House

modern dining furniture glass table steel and pendant lights

modern apartment open kitchen San Francisco

modern apartment glass top dining table laminate flooring

modern apartment furniture industrial style wood metal

modern apartment dining area black furniture Haus von Arx

minimalist kitchen bar stools House in Ontinyent

kitchen dining area open plan furniture House G

contemporary home interior white table chairs big chandelier

dining room ideas minimalist design wood fireplace chairs

solid wood table metal chairs industrial style Strandvagen

dining room furniture solid wood Loft on Strandvagen

open kitchen wooden island balcony

furniture black table white chairs Espace Le Moyne

terrace table solid wood chairs house on a stream

dining area design industrial chic solid wood concrete steel


dining area design furniture set solid wood square table Itahye house


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