2022 Dining Bench Ideas – A Classic Seating in Modern Homes

by Kremy

When choosing furniture to create a cozy and comfort able home most people think of beds, wardrobes, chairs, sofas, but almost never about benches. Nevertheless, contrary to stereotypes, a bench has long been an element not only of the exterior, but also of a stylish interior. It will be appropriate in almost any room in the house and we have prepared for you a selection of dining bench ideas that demonstrate its place in a contemporary home.

2022 Dining Bench Ideas Modern Home Furniture

There is no doubt that the room where the family gathers for breakfast and dinner or entertains guests should be comfortable. Practical, cozy and pleasant atmosphere of the dining room is created not only by colors and decor. Functional furniture is a guarantee that any meal will be accompanied only by positive emotions. In addition to the table and chairs, the room should have shelves, a sideboard, etc. A bench is a popular piece of kitchen/dining area furniture and acts as a great alternative to chairs and stools.

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The high popularity of dining benches is due to their versatility, a wide range of models on the market and the optimal combination of appearance, practicality and comfort. This piece of furniture can be turned into a real art object.

Why Should You Replace Your Chairs With a Bench?

Replace Your Chairs With a Bench

Durable, reliable, always appropriate, beautiful and practical, dining benches are a great piece of furniture. A dining room with bench seating has many advantages. Despite the fact that many people think this that a bench is something old-fashioned, the truth is that modern design has changed and has nothing to do with farmhouse settings that inevitably come to mind when you imagine a table and benches. When choosing a dining bench, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with both the advantages and disadvantages of this piece of furniture. What can a dining bench offer?

  • economical use of space and the ability to seat more people;
  • the presence of a comfortable, and often soft backrest;
  • versatility – it can be equipped with storage compartments or drawers;
  • can be incorporated into almost any interior;
  • lightweight – you can easily move it around the room.

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Dining benches come in a wide variety of designs, depths and seat heights. Many models have backrest which gives them a more luxurious look.

Obviously, a dining bench can accommodate more people, it is easier to clean, and it also takes up less space, because you can slide it under the table. It looks neater than a row of chairs so if you don’t want to visually overwhelm a small space, a dining bench is a great choice for you.

Dining benches do have some disadvantages. One of them is fact that they are not a good option for small-sized kitchens. Another disadvantage is causing inconvenience to a neighbor when leaving the table. In addition, models with drawers or storage compartments weigh quite a lot, which does not allow you to quickly move them.

How to Choose a Dining Bench for Your Home?

How to Choose a Dining Bench


Like any other kitchen furniture, for example banquette seating, benches are subject to special requirements due to the specific conditions in the kitchen. Such models must be resistant to abrasion, have a strong frame, to be made of environmentally friendly material, not to absorb odors, grease and moisture, and also to be easily cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected. Most of the models on the furniture market fully meet these high requirements and compete with traditional stools and chairs. How to choose a dining bench for your home? Let’s list some of the criteria:

Kitchen/Dining room size

Dining set with bench and chairs modern home

The dimensions of the bench should match the dimensions of the kitchen/dining room. For a small one, you should choose a compact model.


2022 Design Trends modern furniture

The size dining benches varies significantly. Along with compact models designed to accommodate 2-3 people, there are bigger models that can accommodate 5-6 diners. Such furniture will be an ideal option for large kitchens and will be able to accommodate all members of a large family.


dining room furniture ideas 2022 design trends

Dining benches have a solid frame, which is usually made of wood, but some designs feature metal frame or legs. Solid wood is a more expensive option, while MDF and plywood have sufficient reliability and are more budget friendly.


elegant benches for dining room

Upholstery is an important element when choosing a bench for your dining room. Leather has excellent performance. It does not absorb moisture, odors, it is easy to clean and does not get greasy. Fabric is less practical but also looks great and models with tufted seating surely offer a luxurious appearance.

Interior style

Modern Home Furniture Ideas 2022 Design Trends

Choose a bench that fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen or dining room.




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