White marble countertops – an elegant and noble look for your kitchen

by Kremy

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The kitchen countertop is a key element in any kitchen equipment. It is most often crafted from high quality natural stone marble or granite.

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White marble countertops can be integrated into any kitchen and are ideal as a countertop material for kitchens in a country-style design, as well as a modern kitchen interior.

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Marble is a natural stone, a symbol of home decor from a high level, which conveys timeless elegance and beauty.

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Marble is a beautiful natural stone traditionally used in the production of panels, floors, and even as an accent in some furniture pieces.

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The greatest advantage of white marble countertops is that each slab is unique and the shades and veining types are numerous.

White marble countertops maintenance advantages disadvantages designs

Marble is heat resistant and develops a fabulous patina over time. However, the material has some disadvantages which require an attention when choosing your countertop.

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Marble countertops are porous and susceptible to staining. They are not resistant to scratches and acidic liquids. Furthermore marble countertops require an ongoing maintenance.

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Once you have decided to opt for white marble kitchen countertops you need to know how to maintain the beautiful and glamorous look of the kitchen counter.

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Do not place objects with sharp edges directly on the marble countertop to avoid scratches. Stains are obtained if spilled liquids are left to stand untouched for a long time.

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Orange juice, wine or coffee should be immediately cleaned because they are rapidly moving in the pores. A soft cloth and a little warm water would help you clean the marble countertop from dust and stains.

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Avoid leaving water on the counter because it also leaves stains and can make the pores bigger. Always seal marble prior to use.

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