30 Giallo ornamental granite countertops with fabulous colors

Written by Kremena Ruseva

giallo-ornamental-granite-countertops-colors honey gold shades

Giallo ornamental granite countertops are characterized with the soft golden creamy tones. It looks absolutely gorgeous and although from afar it look light and soft, a closer look brings out the lovely details of the stone and the beauty of the slabs.

Giallo ornamental granite countertops – colors and shades


Giallo ornamental granite is mainly in the honey gold palette but not only. Depending on the type and percentage of other minerals Giallo ornamental granite countertops can be speckled or dotted in different colors and you can find red, blue or darker shades.


That is why the overall appearance of the stone is different, each and every slab is unique and you can hardly find two same slabs which makes sure that your kitchen will be exclusive and individual.

granite countertops giallo ornamental countertop white kitchen cabinets brown kitchen island

The wide variety of color shades and appearances are an advantage as this allows the granite to be matched with the colors of the kitchen interior or kitchen cabinets.


The granite may be an accent if the cabinets are in the darker palette or an elegant addition which blends gracefully in the overall design.


Whichever approach you decide to take, one thing is for sure – you will have a countertop with a striking appearance.

How to maintain Giallo ornamental granite countertops


Once you have your Giallo ornamental granite countertops installed you need to know how to maintain them so that they look beautiful for many years.


Giallo ornamental is an extremely hard igneous stone. It is durable and scratch resistant. Like all natural stones, the countertops will need a sealing to protect them from spills and stains but you still have to clean all spills instantly with a damp cloth.


Another recommendation which you need to remember is to be very careful with acidic substances as they may harm the perfect surface of your countertop. Avoid using citrus juices, alkali and vinegar to clean the surface.

The countertops are an elegant accent contrasting to the color of the cabinets


 A giallo granite countertop blended with the color of the cabinets


Stylish kitchen design

kitchen designs spectacular-countertop-giallo-granite-white-cabinets

Beautiful kitchen with giallo ornamental granite countertop


Fantastic modern kitchen


Contemporary pendant lamps illuminate the granite countertop


Giallo granite works well as a backsplash as well


Lovely kitchen with a rustic touch


Spectacular kitchen with white cabinets and dark kitchen island


Light and bright kitchen design




giallo ornamental granite countertops white kitchens modern countertops

giallo ornamental granite countertops white kitchen cabinets contemporary kitchen design

giallo ornamental granite countertops fabulous kitchen interiors

giallo ornamental granite countertops contemporary kitchen countertop ideas

giallo ornamental granite countertops beautiful kitchen design wood cabinets








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