How to Lose Weight – 10 Simple Tricks That Will Change Your Life

by Kremy

Do you want to lose weight or at least do something with your weight? Being healthier, losing a few pounds, feeling better? Sometimes it takes just a few changes and of course, some time. Here are 10 tricks that will help you get rid of these extra pounds!

Never Eat Directly From the Pot

Never Eat Directly From the Pot

When preparing food, people hardly ever monitor how much they eat during tasting. You taste for salt, you taste whether the meal is ready and you never take this amount of food into account! Eating from the pot or casserole is another serious problem! Stop doing that if you want to lose weight! Serve your portion and sit at the table in the dining room with cutlery. Don’t read the newspaper, a book or look at your mobile phone while eating.

Do Not Underestimate Healthy Fats

Do Not Underestimate Healthy Fats


Take advantage of three healthy fats and have one teaspoon of olive oil, a quarter of an avocado or 1 oz/28 g of nuts every day. This will support heart health without compromising your weight.

When You Feel Hungry, Wait For 20 Minutes

Wait For 20 Minutes When You Feel Hungry

If you feel an urge to eat right away, wait for 20 minutes. Always remember that the constant need to eat is emotional in nature. Have a list of activities that will keep you occupied and prevent entering the kitchen – make tea, call a friend, read the newspaper, etc.

Add Fiber to Your Daily Menu

Add Fiber to Your Daily Menu

Eating at least 1 oz/28 grams of fiber a day will help you feel full. What food contains fiber? Try wholemeal bread, rye bread, red beans or lentils, apples, dried fruit or psyllium, which is a also a prebiotic and beneficial to the gut microbiome.

Take Your Time While Eating

Take Your Time While Eating


Put down your fork and knife between bites and focus on chewing and swallowing. Once you focus on chewing and eating slowly, you will suddenly eat less because you will be full sooner.

Find Healthier Alternatives

Choose Healthy Food

Replace unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives. There is no need to give up anything, you will just enjoy a healthier version of the same product which will save from remorse. Yes, it does not mean that you will lose weight miraculously, but at least you will take a step in the right direction and set out on the right path for your body and health.

Drink More Tea

drink more tea

It is the best way to delay the feeling of hunger, and in addition, tea will satisfy you more than water. Whether herbal or green tea – whichever you like. However, do not forget that you must drink a lot of water!

Eat Protein

protein rich food

Eating early meals such as eggs, yogurt or cottage cheese leads to a greater feeling of satiety during the day and less appetite for foods high in fat and sugar than if you skip breakfast or eat cereals.

Stop Counting Calories

Stop counting calories

When people decide to lose weight, they start counting every bite they eat. Yet, the result is poor or none. Some experts believe that if you focus too much on calories, you will forget to monitor the intake of important nutrients and this will slow you down in losing extra pounds. Monitoring of food intake can help you avoid overeating but it is better if you think about a healthy diet and stop counting calories.

Eat at the Right Time

Eat at the right time

Our body has an internal clock that sets the time of activity and rest. Large deviations in the timing of meals with inappropriately selected foods or even overnight, can upset the body and make weight loss much more difficult. What is the best time to eat? The ideal time for breakfast is between 7:00 to 10:00 o’clock, lunch between 12:00 and 14:00 and dinner – until 19:00, at least 3 hours before bedtime.




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