How to get rid of stink bugs? Let’s see these easy 7 home remedies to help you out!

by Gabby

Have you ever been so scared that you scream and run for your life at the same time? That is the case with me when I see a stink bug. I think that comes from my childhood, when our kindergarten teacher was telling us to be careful not to step on one, because of the horrendous smell. That turns out to be one of my phobias. I know they are not harmful creatures. They do not bite, as they feed mainly from the leaves and fruit. However, I can’t help but feel the goose bumps coming through my entire body every time I even think about one of these. That is why I gathered some information on how to get rid of stink bugs. I have tried some of these methods already. Let’s see some home remedies, tips, and tricks to help us during this war between humans and bugs!

How to get rid of stink bugs: Easy home remedies to help you out

stink bugs and how to get rid of them using only home remedies

I will keep repeating this to myself-stink bugs are not harmful in any way! Even though we imagine the worst when it comes to bugs, the good news is they do not even lay eggs in our house. Another pleasant thing is that with the cold weather coming, their metabolism slows down due to a process called diapause. It is a type of hibernation and these bugs go through it. Where do they come from? From an open window, wall cracks, screen cracks, even from the tiniest openings these little things can make their way into our home. Mostly we see them during spring and summer, however, they do enjoy every season. They are mostly attracted to bright lights, ripe fruit and different plants. If you think it is time to get rid of the smelly fellows, keep on reading!

1. The vacuum cleaner: Like people say – old but gold!

vacuum cleaner getting rid of stink bugs home remedy


This is definitely the oldest trick in the book! When I hear a buzzing, whatever it is, stink bug or not, I immediately grab the vacuum cleaner, and I am ready to do some damage! When you are using it against stink bugs, make sure to dispose of the filter bag or plastic container immediately after, since you want to avoid the odor they are giving if dead.

2. DIY Dish soap trap – very simple, but effective!

stink bugs trap soap water dish soap home remedy

Let’s catch some bugs using only two ingredients – dish soap and water! You will also need a desk lamp because as we already mention, these bugs are attracted to light. Now, keep in mind you are setting a location for them to gather around. Take a pan and fill it up with water and soap. Leave it under the desk lamp. It normally takes up to 12 hours for the bugs to start coming to the soapy water, which will get rid of them. If you have other insects like elder bugs that you want to remove from your home, dish soap can be very helpful.

3. Wet towel trap

wet towl trap how to get rid of stink bugs

This is another home remedy that is easy to do, and it does not take much time and effort. Have you ever noticed that if you hang your laundry to dry outside, sometimes you find a few stink bugs hanging on to it? That is why they drink the water, and also because they are generally attracted to moisture. Grab an old towel and just dip it in water, wring it out and leave it damp. Hang it somewhere outside and wait for the stink insects to come. After that, just dip the towel with them into soapy water to say goodbye to them for good.

4. Repair all the cracks in the walls and windows

torn screen door insect mesh getting rid of stink bugs

These bugs are harmless, but very stubborn! They can get through almost every small crack. If you leave your window open and window screen is ripped somewhere… Expect the invasion! That is why, it is better to repair all these small cracks and holes. Check out the stops in your home, where you think they are coming in from.

5. Garlic cloves – natural repellent for stink bugs

garlic repellent for stink bugs home remedies

You will be surprised to know, that garlic is helpful to repel not only vampires but stink bugs! On the serious note, since it is proven that garlic is a strong repellent for them, I have tried placing garlic cloves onto the places I think they can make their way into the house. It is like using their own weapon against them. If they are going to use their smell as a protective mechanism, you can use the strong scent of the garlic to repel them! Fun and helpful fact – it helps to get rid of spiders as well!

6. How to get rid of stink bugs? Try using neem oil spray!

how to get rid of stink bugs home remedies to try out

This two ingredient oil spray, that you can make at home, is a very powerful weapon when it comes to stink bugs. Neem oil comes from the seeds of neem trees, and it is used for generations to keep the pests and diseases away from the plants. It kind of smells like garlic, which we already learned that repels stink bugs. What you are going to need is a spray bottle. Fill it up with warm water and about 2 tablespoons of neem oil. Shake it up well, so it mixes with the water, and spray the spots where you think the bugs tend to congregate the most.

7. Nicotine solution will help you get rid of stink bugs in no time!

tabacco mixture nicotine solution for stink bugs how to get rid of stink bugs

If you are not a smoker, good for you! If you do not have a smoker in your home, amazing! However, this time you will need them cigarettes to help you win the fight with the stink bugs. You will need about 20 cigarettes and a bucket of warm water. Shred the cigarettes and put the tobacco into the water. Let this sit overnight. In the morning, you have to strain the mixture and add two tablespoons of dish soap. Put the liquid in a spray bottle, and you will have a spray that will kill the stink bugs immediately! Use gloves for extra safety!


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