The Butter board TikTok trend: Try these flavor combinations to impress your friends!

by Gabby

I love being a hostess. Inviting my friends over is a must for me, especially Friday nights. This is the time when we gather together, everybody has prepared something delicious, ready to share our stories. It has happened to me several times, when I come home from work and I open the fridge, I see that it is empty, or there is a lonely sitting packet of butter there. I obviously have no time to grocery shop, since my people will be at my house soon. A TikTok Butter board trend comes to the rescue! The trend was firstly introduced by food influencer Justine Doiron, and it went viral with almost 8 million views. Now let’s see these divine, 10 different combinations for a butter board!

What is a butter board?

butter board tiktok trend recipe easy to make viral

Butter board is essentially exactly what you think it is – butter spread on a wooden board. It starts simple, you need a soft butter to spread on your board, lemon zest and sea salt. The thing about butter board going viral is not about the ingredients. They are basic and tasty, however, what makes it a trend are the topics. We see these boards being topped with honey, peanuts, jam, even edible flowers which turns them into masterpieces. It is almost like doing an art project. It takes a lot of creativity and your ideal garnish. You can make it sweet, salty, sour, basically whatever you prefer. The creamy butter allows you to play with different flavor combinations, until you achieve the perfect centerpiece for your table. All you need is some crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside bread, and you are ready.

How to make a butter board? Check out the viral TikTok recipe!

@justine_snacksI like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood♬ original sound – speed songs

First, we are going to check out the viral recipe for the board, which is the amazing combo between honey and coriander. How do we start? Soften the 2 sticks of butter, if it is in the fridge. Grab your best looking board, because this is where the magic will happen. Use flaky salt to sprinkle on top. Then we are adding in the lemon zest, another very important ingredient that will give a lot of deepness to the flavor of the butter. Let’s cut up the toppings! Make sure you cut them small enough, so that it is possible to scoop out all the deliciousness with your bread. For this recipe, you are going to need fresh mint, coriander, freshly ground cardamom, basil, onions and some edible flowers. Finally, top it off with some honey and enjoy!

Interesting combinations to try for your butter board

butter board trendy recipe tiktok viral homemade


Check out this, figs and Brie cheese perfection! It looks like a colorful painting. It is true what they say, you eat with your eyes first. You will need figs, Brie cheese, purple onions, blueberry jam, honey, and ground black pepper. Of course, don’t forget the necessities like salt, lemon zest and your butter!

I call this Mexican delight!

butter board with corn mexican style delicious trendy tiktok viral

If you love Mexican food, this is the butter board for you! It has corn, onions, peppers, jalapeños, cheddar croutons and sprouts. You can serve with salsa, pesto made from an avocado, or try to make a tasty gazpacho.

Butter board: brunch edition

honey pecan butter board brunch home recipes trendy

We all love brunch. Some of us even have it as a tradition to go get brunch with our girlies. How about a butter board on the menu this time? This is a cinnamon, pecan combination glazed with maple syrup. Here the different thing is, you can serve with pastries, instead of bread. I definitely recommend croissants. Happy brunching!

Secret ingredient alert: garlic butter

butter board with garlic butter and bacon tiktok recipe trend 2022

This time, we are not using regular butter! We are going to use garlic butter, that you can make at home, or buy from your grocery store. I love it, especially on a slice of freshly baked crunchy bread. Other key ingredients are the caramelized bacon pieces. Toss in a pan and add honey, you will not regret this! Add fresh greens like mint, rosemary, or basil. You can thank me later!

Is it wine o’clock? Serve your butter board with these drinks for the full wow effect!

how to serve butter board wine trendy ideas 2022 recipes

If you are still wondering how to serve the butter board you are making to your guests, the answer is wine! Depending on the garnish you are using, you can either go for a white or red wine. If you are feeling more playful, try your butter board with Prosecco, or another kind of sparkly wine. What I do is add white peach nectar to my Prosecco, and it becomes a cocktail called Cipriani Bellini.

honey butter board bread trend make at home 2022

Are butter boards healthy?

Butter boards are basically made with lots of butter, hence the name. So, eating them on a daily basis can be not very beneficial for your health. There are a lot of calories in the butter, plus you top it off with other things. Also, you have to take into consideration the fact that the wooden board has cracks. They might be small, and you may not see them. The spread butter can easily go into the cracks. Since the spread is at room temperature, this is ideal for the microbes to attack. Another issue with butter boards worth mentioning is the sharing. Typically, you are sharing them with many of your friends and there is a lot of dipping happening. Even if everybody has their own side of the board, you can still get confused and dip from your friend’s side. Each person can leave their germs not purposely, however you can end up consuming them. These are the risks you should consider.


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