Boho rustic living room: The essentials for achieving this cozy decor at home!

by Anjelina

What’s better than an evening with your loved ones while watching a good movie together? And where is the best place to do that? At home in the living room, of course! The living room is that one place at home where we can relax after a busy day at work and spend time with our family or on our own. So it is very important to feel extremely comfortable and cozy there! But how do we furnish our living room so that we achieve exactly this desired result? It’s no coincidence that recently, the boho and rustic styles have entered the interior design trends. In today’s article, we will give you tips on how to achieve a boho rustic living room, in which you will always feel good and in your place!

What are the main characteristics of a boho rustic living room?

boho rustic living room brown sofa lots of fluffy pillows wooden coffee table natural elements

The combination of these two styles is always a winning one, even when we are not talking about interior design. Let’s clarify a little what are the characteristics of the two styles, because it often happens that mistakes are made by considering them the same. In fact, they are quite different!

Bohemian style in interior design

bohemian style living room colorfulness cushions pouffes rugs rattan and bamboo furniture


Bohemian style is like no other! It allows you to express your individuality in the interior and fill the space with special “magic” things. Lots of textiles, all sorts of decorative items, lamps, colors and wonderful things for your soul!

Rustic style in interior design

rustic style in interior design rusti living room natural elements colors wooden ceiling table earthy tones

The rustic style is based on the idea of living in the countryside. It emphasizes on the richness of nature, with the main materials used in the interior being predominantly natural. Wood is a key element as lovers of the style use it in their interiors from kitchenware to solid wood furniture.

How to achieve a boho rustic combination for your living room?

boho rustic living room warm earthy tones cozy sofa brick wall hangin plants antique table

As mentioned earlier, the combination of boho and rustic styles is very popular and is currently leading the trends in interior design. The question is how to combine the two styles at home to really get the best out of them? We’ll give you a list of the best colors, fabrics and furniture for your living room to make it a massively cozy and warm place!

Predominant colors

appropriate colors earth tones and bright ones blue pink beige brown

Your boho rustic living room should combine the colors of both styles. When it comes to bohemian style, there are no specific criteria or limitations to the color scheme. Leave it up to your own taste and understanding of comfort. Just keep in mind that the bohemian style requires the use of brighter colors – lemon yellow, red, orange, and green. In the rustic style, the tones are more relaxed, with moderate brightness, without much colorfulness, close to nature: wood tones, shades of sand, grass, clay, stony gray. If you think about it, actually the combination of earthy warm colors with a few bright ones that the charming bohemian style suggests sounds perfect! It is by no means recommended to use dark and gloomy colors. Both styles are not associated with them. Create your individual space where you feel most comfortable, feeling it both with your body and eyes!


rustic boho chic living room decor idea coffee table natural materials brown leather coach with fluffy cushions

As we said, rustic style is all about natural materials such as wood and stone. Bohemian decor is curiously also emphasizing on that relaxing and close to nature sensation. This is why, normally, you will see a large collection of retro furniture pieces made of exotic woody materials like bamboo and rattan. To mix the best of both worlds, a typical boho rustic living room will represent a nice combination of natural sources.

For instance, a small coffee table made of raw wood goes perfectly with a few rattan chairs. For an even more captivating effect, choose the chairs in different shapes and designs. In order to make the atmosphere cozier, the living room will of course need ultra-comfy and chic seating furniture such as a velvet sofa or why not a DIY pallet couch with fluffy cushions?

Textiles and decorative elements

wooden table palette back of a coach rugs cushions blankets

Decorating the living room with elements of boho and rustic styles is the most enjoyable activity you can do after you have arranged the furniture in the way you want. The options to bring in the charm of bohemian style and the natural look of rustic style are countless! To give a bohemian feel you will need to pay close attention to the textiles – cushions, curtains, rugs, pouffes, and more. The fabrics are thick and in rich colors – velvet, satin, wool. Handmade macrame creations are also an essential feature of bohemian charm. They come in many forms such as wall tapestries, plant hangers, lanterns, shelves and many more.

Are you a plant lover? Good news, then, because these also find their place in the boho-rustic living room. To infuse a relaxing and close to nature note, you can play with one or more indoor plants. Palm trees, monstera deliciosa, and even dwarf trees are a very suitable solution. Otherwise, a few small succulents or a vase with lucky bamboo will also do the trick.

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