Goddess hairstyles for long, medium, and short hair:15 ideas on hairstyles you must try!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Ever heard of goddess hairstyles? Why, they are only the newest and most mesmerizing hair trend that every girl is opting towards! Whether you want to stun everyone at your ex-boyfriend’s wedding or at the upcoming New Year’s party, the goddess hairstyle is a must-try that will surely achieve the effect you desire. Some versions you can even wear to more casual occasions, it’s for you to decide. So let me make your choice of hairstyle easier by offering you 15 ideas on goddess hairstyles for long, medium, and short hair that will make you look divine!

Goddess hairstyles for long hair

braided-messy-side-braid-with-loose-curls_goddess side braid

Let’s start our goddess hairstyles picks, with this heavenly messy braid! This half-updo hairstyle perfectly creates the illusion of fuller hair. To secure your braid in place, you can use bobby pins and finish off with hairspray.

greek bun hairstyle_braided buns for long hair

I mean, we can’t talk about goddess hairstyles and not include a few shiny hair accessories here and there, can we? Finish off your beautiful low braided bun with this striking golden leaf back hairpiece, and be sure that you will look out of this world!

heart braids_heart braid hair

What about a goddess hairstyle that brings out your romantic side? You just need to connect two little braids into one to create this cure heart braids hairdo!

half-up-half-down hairstyles_goddess hairstyles

Perfect half-up half-down goddess hairstyle for long hair which you can wear to any big party! Wear it to a wedding, for New Year’s or for the opening of the new big club/restaurant in town.

goddes-box-braids_goddess hairstyles

Have you ever heard a box braid hairstyle? Well, I hope you are ready for goddess box braids! This type of braids are a softer version of the original box braids, and will make you look like a princess! Be sure you will get a lot of complements sporting this high ponytail braids look.

goddess hairstyles for long hair_long hair hairstyles

Serene half-updo goddess hairstyle will look beautiful on long blonde hair! You just need to master the fishtail braid, and you will be good to go. Complete the hairstyle by wearing a beautiful Grecian hairpiece that will wow the crowd.

greek braid_goddess braid

Another mesmerizing goddess braid hairstyle! The effect of the hairdo is especially enhanced due to the mix of brown and gold hues in the hair. This goddess braid is loosely knitted and stretches all the way down, getting looser and looser. And we cannot forget about that gold leaves hairpiece, can we?

Grecian medium hair ideas

medium hair hairstyles_medium hair goddess hairstyle

Goddess hairstyles are not just for long-haired maidens, but can look amazing on medium-length hair as well. Just look at these stunning Grecian bouncy curls! Finishing off the hairstyle with a jewelled headband will keep your hair in place and out of your face. As I girl with curly medium hair, I am definitely going to try this one!

crown braid_crown braid hairstyles

Do you want to achieve that crown braid goddess hairstyle? No worries, it can go on medium hair as well! Leave a few loose strands for a more natural look and bring out your jewel hairpiece!

goddess box braids for shorter hair_goddess box braids

Box braids aren’t just for girls with long locks, and the same goes for goddess box braids! Sport them on medium-length hair and get a taste of those heavenly vibes (and complements!).

braids for medium hair_goddess braids

What about a Grecian-styled wraparound braid for your medium hair? Doesn’t it look lovely?! Wearing your locks in gentle waves will make it look even better.

medium hair greek hairstyles_braids for medium hair

This goddess hairstyle for medium hair is achieved by first parting the hair in the middle. Then a section from each side is braided in a fishtail braid all the way to the end before being slightly tucked behind. Medium, thin, and straight hair is best suited for this haircut. You can wear this hairstyle both to formal and casual settings.

Short hair goddess hairstyles

goddess hairstyles for short hair_short hair hairstyles

Okay, so we confirmed that goddess hairstyles can look great both on long and medium length hair, but what about on girls with short hair? Well, just look at this picture, and you will have your answer! For women with trendy pixie-styled cuts, an addition of a floral headpiece can transform them into a Greek goddess. Wearing your hair in waves will make it look even more divine!

greek hairstyles_short hair goddess haistyles

Yes, you may not be able to get that full big goddess braid, but what about going for a smaller one? Worth the try! This Grecian hairstyle right here would look even more gorgeous on girls with short hair that happens to be thicker.

short hair hairstyles_greek hairstyles for short hair

And for a simpler and elegant take on the goddess hairstyle for short hair, go with this jewelled back hair-piece take! Wear your hair sleek for further contrast. And if you happen to have colourful hair, all the more stunning!

So, was I right, did I make your choice of hairstyle easier? I sure hope so! I personally loved anything that featured a jewelled piece, but that’s just me, I am all about my bling bling! Any of these goddess hairstyle ideas will certainly make you stand out anywhere you go, so I am sure that no matter which you try, you will look great! Have fun girls!




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