Kitchen renovation ideas – how to paint the kitchen cabinets

by Kremy

DIY kitchen renovation blue kitchen cabinets painting

The cabinets are the most visible part of any kitchen. They are a major furniture item and it is fantastic when they are looking new and beautiful. However, everything wears out with time and sooner or later we are faced at the big decision – to renovate or to replace? The replacement of all furniture is a big undertaking, quite costly, time and money consuming. We shall give you some useful tips how to paint the kitchen cabinets and give the space a new and modern look without spending a fortune.


How to paint the kitchen cabinets – simple steps to follow

How to paint the kitchen cabinets spray painting


Here we are – the decision is taken and now comes the question – how to paint the kitchen cabinets? Like with any project for home renovation it all starts with the planning. Plan the tools and materials that you will need, it will save time. Kitchen cabinets do require a high quality paint, but the investment will be worth. It is up to you to decide whether you will opt for painting with a brush or spray paint.


How to paint the kitchen cabinets – Step 2 – choosing the color


How to paint the kitchen cabinets simple steps tutorial

One of the biggest problems in every “How to paint the kitchen cabinets” project is choosing the right color. The color will depend on the design of your kitchen and the effect you want to achieve. You have to coordinate the color with the walls, floor and ceiling as well. Vibrant colors will brighten the atmosphere and the overall impression of the interior. Two-tone cabinets are another stylish option which is quite popular. Pastel colors are ideal for shabby chic decors and will add a romantic touch to your kitchen. Dark colors, combined with stainless steel will transform a dated interior into a modern sleek one.

Step 3 – Preparation for painting

How to paint the kitchen cabinets tutorial renovation DIY

The preparation is as important as the actual painting. Do not neglect this stage although and be patient before grabbing the brush.

How to paint the kitchen cabinets remove hinges

Remove the doors of the cabinets, drawers, hinges and hardware.

How to paint the kitchen cabinets cleaning

Clean the surfaces from grease and dirt and sand carefully every surface. Vacuum clean the dust and finish with a damp cloth.

How to paint sanding the surface

Sand the surfaces until they are smooth and ready to be painted. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust. This is very important if you want a good finish for your cabinets. If you skip this step, it is very likely that the paint will not look smooth.


How to paint the kitchen cabinets apply primer

Using a roller or a brush, apply a primer which is suitable for the material of your kitchen cabinets. The primer is important as it keeps the original color from showing through your new paint.


Step 4 – Painting and reassembling

How to paint the kitchen cabinets roller spray paint brush

We get to the actual painting! With a roller or a paintbrush apply the paint and let it dry. Apply a second coating, if necessary, and let it dry completely. Reassembling the kitchen cabinets happens when all the boxes, doors, drawers and other elements are completely dry. It may take a night or a couple of days to wait for the paint before reassembling the kitchen. Finally – you can enjoy your new space!

Teal fronts

teal green renovation ideas DIY

Trendy dark gray for a contemporary look

Refacing kitchen cabinets modern remodel

Pastel green combined with wood countertops

kitchen renovation ideas DIY pastel green painted

Elegant antique white

kitchen renovation ideas paitning antique white

Vibrant green

color choice tips step by step

How to paint the kitchen cabinets white

spray painting kitchen cabinets gray

cabinets ideas instructions

choosing the color renovation

best way to paint kitchen renovation ideas remodel

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