Roman style pool designs – the beauty of ancient art in pool decorating

by Kremy

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Roman style pool designs are based on the classic rectangles with a specific end, referred to as Roman pool end. While Grecian pools are characterized with cut corners, the Roman ones are recognizable for the stylized corners and a half circle on each end of the pool. Roman style has long become a classic. Straight lines, precision in geometry and architectural silhouette, restraint in the design – this is typical for the decoration of old Italian aristocratic houses. Most often, the pools have a rectangular shape.

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The rectangular shape of the basin has been used for more than 3000 years and still remains the most popular one. This style is typical for the architecture of rich aristocratic Italian mansions and it is not a surprise that we see it in many modern swimming pool designs which combine the simplicity of the shape and elegance of the surroundings, whether interior or exterior. Roman ends definitely add elegance to the landscape design of any backyard but we see many examples of using the characteristic shape for indoor swimming pools as well.


Roman style pool designs – create an overall concept for your exterior or interior


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The timeless elegance of the classic Roman style pool design does combine exceptional visual aesthetics and functionality. The clever use of the rectangle and two semi-circles opens unlimited possibilities for exciting landscaping concepts. Depending on the available space and the overall project, you could opt for a “half Roman pool” with only one rounded end. This is a great option for limited space or when you have to consider retaining walls or other particularities of the site of construction.

Roman style, in general, makes the house comfortable for living and pleasant from an aesthetic point of view. The atmosphere of luxury is combined with nobility and restraint. Baths have always been special for the Romans and are famous all over the world for their architecture.

When planning the pool, interior or exterior, you need to take into account that general style, the building and the finishing materials have to work harmoniously. A Roman pool with classic decorations and statues will look ridiculous and completely out of place in a minimalist landscape. Obviously, such a swimming pool is appropriate for classic style architecture where the main house, courtyard, outdoor structures, etc. are united in the design concept.


Roman style pool designs – styling and decorating ideas


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The classic Roman style has its own specifics. It features symmetry and balance, a careful choice of materials and decorative accessories, even textiles. When selecting the decking, choose materials which will work with the style – natural stone, limestone or more modern versions like stamped concrete with a pattern that imitates slate, marble, etc.

Tiles and coping are just as important – Roman style mosaics are an obvious choice, but you could choose a more subtle decoration along the perimeter of the pool which will give you the specific character.

Accessories and decorations should also be chosen with great attention. To keep the essence of the Roman style animal figures, busts of emperors, Roman gods and goddesses, warriors can be placed along the walls if you decorate an interior pool or you can set them in niches or on special stands. Columns add to the grandeur and the luxurious look as well and urns with flowers can be used as color accents. Wall murals and mosaics are also typical for the Roman style and a good idea for all decoration when you design an indoor pool.

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Swimming pool furniture should also reflect the overall style, so forget about plastic sun loungers! Wrought iron, carved wood, marble – these are suitable furniture materials. Of course, having in mind that we live in the 21st century, you could choose a more modern furniture, just make sure it has a classic silhouette.


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