Summer Living Room Décor Ideas: How to Design Your Home According to 2023 Interior Trends?

by Kremy

Do you want to decorate your living room for the summer? Here are the trendy styles that you can use as a guide in 2023. This will allow you to transform any living space in a fresh and inviting way, so that you and your guests feel comfortable during the summer season. Browse through some of the most popular summer living room décor ideas to change the mood of your interior for the new season! Here are some of the biggest 2023 home trends to get inspiration from.

Summer Living Room Décor Ideas to Create the Perfect Space

combine rustic and modern decorative elements with houseplants in open space with dining room

Nowadays, comfort is an important aspect of interior design, with more and more people trying to make their living spaces look more vibrant. This can give any home a unique and effective appearance. In this regard, designers are currently focusing mainly on expressive colors and patterns, as well as sustainable and natural materials. From bright yellows and oranges to deep blues and greens, they favor more vibrant hues that add energy and personality to living rooms.

integrate the pantone color of the year 2023 viva magenta with home textiles and upholstered furniture


In addition, we can see a revival of patterned wallpapers, geometric patterns, vintage style decorative elements and abstract designs. Thus, walls and floors get more depth and texture. You can also integrate such trends into your own home. The trendy summer living room décor ideas feature colorful home textiles, accent walls and expressive pieces of furniture. You can consider the hot Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta, as well. Otherwise, you can simply check out the following examples for more inspiration.

Invite Nature into Your Own Home

2023 summer living room décor ideas bring nature inside your home

Although decorating with house plants is nothing new, the trend towards more natural decorative elements will continue in 2023. If you have a bright and open living space, you can bring summer indoors by decorating it with lush vegetation and blooming flowers. From Bowstring Hemp and monstera to tulips and daffodils, you can decorate any living room this summer by adding a vibrant pop of color. If you want to take it a step further, nowadays it is totally trendy to make living rooms look like a jungle with several plants.

interior design trends combine neutral wall color with summer colours in the living room

However, if you are unable to add indoor plants, you can always opt for realistic looking artificial plants and flowers. Another option is to choose art pieces like wall murals with floral patterns. However, adding real houseplants offers a variety of benefits beyond aesthetics, as they will never go out of style. To keep up with this everlasting home trend, focus on creating a comfortable seating area with plenty of upholstered furniture and natural accents.

Summer Living Room Décor Ideas – Follow the Maximalist Trend

create a summer atmosphere in the living room with wall art and sof in earth tones

By using large and eye-catching patterns or ornate decorations, you can personalize your interiors in maximalist style and make them look unique. If you need to make it summery, home trends vary from bright colors and abstract art to sustainable natural materials. Additionally, these can be incorporated into the living room to create a space that feels fresh, stylish and inviting throughout the summer months and beyond. Also don’t forget to add expressive home textiles and adapt them to the season. Of course, you can experiment with this by layering different patterns and textures to mix and match any era and style.

Consider Sustainable Interior Design with Natural Materials

2023 summer living room décor ideas interior trends

The concept of sustainability is another popular trend that will continue to dominate interior design in 2023. This includes natural materials such as linen, wood and bamboo, because more and more people want to live in more environmentally conscious and sustainable way. There are many creative designs and stylish decorations to be found, with upcycling or recycled materials gaining popularity. There are so many budget friendly summer living room décor ideas that allow you to recycle and repurpose otherwise unusable items. You can let your creativity run wild or choose ready-made decorations made from sustainable materials.

Set Golden or Copper Accents in the Living Room

add golden accents in a luxurious open plan living space with lighting and furniture

Using minimalist details such as metal fittings on furniture, table legs, lamps or decorations on shelves in living rooms is totally trendy at the moment. In addition, such decorative elements from the 20s can be perfectly combined with vintage furniture or modern furnishings. In this way you can create classy and summery accents in your interior to give it a nostalgic, rustic or luxurious touch. By combining classic and simple decoration with a touch of grandeur, you create a trendy yet timeless atmosphere in the living room.

Summer Living Room Décor Ideas – Choose Tiles or Bricks

summer living room décor ideas contrasting colors

You can consider designing accent walls in the living room with light-colored tiles or bricks to add more texture to interiors. These are also among the living trends for 2023, which are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, textured walls act as a neutral background for various pieces of furniture, such as sofas or tables, and allow for creative interior design.

Choose Retro-Style Lighting As a Summer Decoration

combine indirect lighting and retro style chandeliers in the living room interior design trends 2023

Current trends also include lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or lamps that have a star-like design or oval shapes. 2023 summer living room décor ideas use lighting as a decorative element in a playful yet elegant, flexible and sophisticated way. This allows you to make a bold statement in the room without much effort and in a stylish way. In addition, there is a growing interest in using already popular design pieces in a modern and sustainable way, thereby making living spaces look more attractive and inviting.




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