Find Out What Is a Milky White Nails Design and How to Create It at Home!

by Gabby

People are often asking our nail experts: What is the best nail color for Summer 2023? I know that there are many different answers to this question, but the top choice will always be white. We are under the sun a lot during the hottest season, getting this sun-kissed tan and what better way to highlight it, than with a white nail polish? It looks amazing as your main manicure color and same goes for the pedicure. My toes don’t look good if they aren’t in a white shade. However, today we are going to discuss a different type of white. Let me show you what is a milky white nail design and how to get it!

what is a milky white nail polish designs summer trends 2023 almond shape

What Nail Color is Milky White?

Milky white nail color has many variations, which is incredible, since you can pick the one that suits your skin color the best. However, if we have to describe it in a specific way, it is a sheer white that reminds you of the drink (hence the name). It is a creamer version of the classic white nail polish, and it makes your manicure look more elegant and feminine. It doesn’t give you any harsh lines. On the contrary, many women choose the milky white shade because of its subtle appearance.

How to Get Milky White Nails? Tutorial for Beginners!

If you don’t have the time to run to the nail salon, you can easily achieve the milky white nail design at home. If you are a beginner, you are going to need nail tips, which is going to make things very simple for you. With this 7 minute tutorial, you are going to learn how to create the most elegant every-day manicure. What do you need is:

  • Milky white nail tips
  • Cuticle trimmer set
  • Nail files
  • Nail glue
  • Nail lamp
  • UV gloves
  • Base and a top coat
  • Cuticle oil
  1. First, remember that the nail prep is the most important step, if you are going to do your nails at home. Make sure that the surface of the nails is not super even, because the milky white nail tips might fall off. Use alcohol cleanser to wipe any dust or any excess dirt stuck on the nails.
  2. Once you get the right shape and surface of the nail with your nail file, then you can start with the base coat.
  3. A very important step is to check out the size of the nails and compare them to your milky white nail tips, before you start with the application!
  4. Then you can go ahead and start applying the nail glue and then the nail tip. Do the nails one by one, since the glue will dry fast if you apply it onto all of the nails first.
  5. Once you apply the nail tips, you will have to put your hand under the lamp for at least 60 seconds.
  6. Now, watch the tutorial to see how the magic happens and thank us later!

Milky White Short Almond Nails

milky white almond nail designs with dried flowers manicure summer trends 2023


Deavita Photo Gallery/ Svetoslava Koeva

What is the best shape for milky white nails? According to our nail experts, the almond shape prevails once again! Who can deny that it is certainly one of the most elegant nail shapes out there? In combination with this soft color and dried flowers, you can get many compliments for your manicure this Summer 2023.

What Are Strawberry Milk Nails?

I know, I know… There are a lot of milky nail designs currently and people might get confused. But, the names speak for themselves! Strawberry milk nails are exactly what they sound like – they remind you of the pink drink we all loved during our childhood (I still do). They are soft, pink, creamy and super cute! If you want to adapt a pink version of the milky white nails, then we highly recommend this one!

strawberry milk nails clean girl manicure designs 2023 almond shape

Milky White Nail Design Inspirations

almond milky nail designs long manicure ideas

Milky White Acrylic Nail Designs

milky white acrylic nail designs ideas cute manicure with the number 7

Deavita Photo Gallery/ Svetoslava Koeva

Milky White Nail Design with Golden Foil

milky white nail design with golden foil summer manicure trends 2023

Donut Glazed Milky White Nails with Decorations: Summer Manicure Trends 2023

donut glazed milky white nails with decorations summer trends 2023

Milky White Nails for Women Over 50: Almond Shape

milky white nails for women over 50 almond shape

Milky White French Tip Nails

milky french nails white tips almond shape

Glazed Milky White Nail Design

glazed milky white nails hailey bieber manicure

Abstract French Nails with Milky White Color

abstract french tip nails with milky white color

Abstract French Nails with Milky White and Pink Base

abstract french tip nails with milky white color manicure trends 2023

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