12 Funny Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home During School Break!

by Radost P.

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling feelings to experience in life, yet it is important not to start neglecting yourself. This can have an impact on your job or hobbies, so it is wise to cultivate balance in your daily routine. You cannot pour from an empty cup, right? If you are busy at the time when your toddlers are having a school break, here are 12 ideas for enjoyable activities to keep kids busy at home. They will absolutely love them, so keep on reading!

Ideas for Entertaining Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home Throughout the School Break!

how to keep a toddler entertained at home

Play is absolutely important for child development, so it should be a priority even if you do not have time to participate in certain activities. According to multiple scientific studies, play can stimulate creative thinking and early brain development. Also, engaging activities improve particular cognitive functions and emotional regulation skills. Below, you will find the best ideas that will keep your children busy throughout the whole day!

Reading Challenge

This is an activity that is both interesting and intellectually-stimulating. While your kids learn new interesting facts and stories, their reading ability also improves. In this way, children will expand their vocabulary, which is an advantage for school tasks. Create a customized goal, like reading a certain number of pages or words.

Caring for a Pet

taking care of a pet


If you have a dog or a cat, you may ask your children to take care of them for a few hours. For example, let your kids walk the dog or clean the place where the pet is sleeping. This task will teach your toddlers important things about responsibility and consistency.

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Do Puzzles

Doing complex puzzles is one of the most popular games for children that stimulates their creativity and logical thinking. In fact, according to some studies, this activity can improve memory skills and strengthen attention to detail. So, do not waste time and give your kids their favorite puzzle!

Virtual Museum Tours

virtual museum tour

Many famous museums provide the opportunity to take a virtual tour from anywhere in the world. If your children are interested in topics, like history or old stuff, you can let them explore the exhibits completely online and for free.

Solve the Rubik’s Cube

Mastering the Rubik’s cube is not the easiest thing to do – in fact, even adults find this task challenging. Fortunately, there are tutorials on how to conquer the Rubik’s cube! Show them to your kids and let them memorize the steps. Again, this is a mind-stimulating activity that only helps your children become better thinkers.

Gather Broken Crayons

gather collect broken crayons

I guess that there are probably a lot of broken crayons into the house, in case your kids love drawing. Ask your children to collect all of them and discard the paper wrappings.

Learning How to Draw

Drawing skills are necessary for almost all kids, since most likely they attend art classes. To perform well, it is wise to advise them to learn how to draw different figures and patterns.

Sort and Organize Items

collect and sort items

Kids love to organize and categorize different types of items. Choose some things and let them put some labels onto them and make categories by shape and color.

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How to Keep my Toddler Entertained at Home? Set Up an Office!

In case you happen to work from home, you could set an office for your children that is close to your desk. Give them a paper, pencils, and a play computer. In this way, they will feel like you are working together!

Building an Animal Habitat

What are your kids’ favorite animals? Let them research how their home looks like and then give them some LEGO blocks to build animals’ shelters.

Open a Shop

One of the favorite games for kids is opening a store and selling things like fruits and vegetables. The only thing you need to provide your children with is a cash register.

Building a Playground

playground for kids toys

Another funny and interesting idea is for your kids to build a dream playground for their toys. There are many inspirational options that you can find on the internet.

In a nutshell, there are so many ideas that you could consider when it comes to games for kids. Which one will you choose depends on the preferences of your children. Do they like intellectually-stimulating games more compared to the funny ones? Or, it could be quite the opposite. We hope that this article was helpful!

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