Backyard Ideas for Kids: Find Amazing Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained Outside!

by Anjelina

Warm weather is a great reason for kids to spend more time outside. If you’re one of the lucky ones that have a large backyard, it’s simply a must that you set up a play area for your children. Maybe you have the desire, but you’re wondering exactly how to do it to pleasantly surprise the little ones at home? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some helpful tips and wonderful backyard ideas for kids to inspire you to create an amazing place for them so that they can spend unforgettable hours in the fresh air!

Backyard ideas for kids: Helpful tips

backyard Ideas for kids outdoor entertainment

It is a good idea to consider a few tips we will give you for the safety of the place where the children will play. Here they are:

  1. The first and most important thing is safety. The area should be located away from any building materials, tools, plant fertilizers or other chemicals.
  2. Consider and assess, with regard to the equipment the children will be playing with, whether there is a need to install shock-absorbent rubber flooring. If there are climbing frames, the installation of such a surface is a must.
  3. Choose a more shady spot (for example under a large tree) but one that is visible from your home, so you can keep an eye on the children.
  4. A lawn is a great place for a play area, but you need to remove all weeds and rocks.
  5. Make sure there are no poisonous plants growing nearby, such as jasmine, hyacinth, lily of the valley or nettles.

Amazing backyard ideas for kids

Only once the area is secured and tidy, can it be filled with a variety of items to entertain the children! Let us now give you some great backyard ideas you can include!

Backyard sandpit

amazing kids sandpit idea for backyard


We can’t help but start with the classics. Make a wonderful sandpit for your child, where he will play and engage in interesting activities for a long period of time. Did you know that, according to psychologists, sandpits play an important role in children’s development? Why, you may wonder? It is there that the kid develops their motor skills, creativity, perseverance and patience.

Small playset with swings and slide

Small playset with swings and slide

Set up a play area for your children, even a small one, and include a swing and slide. There are many different playsets on the market to choose from, but if you are more handy, you can even make one yourself. Take a look at the DIY ideas in the photo below for a colorful playground to make using tyres.

colorful playground ideas DIY tyre swings

Cute little playhouse

cute small playhouse idea modern-looking

There is no child who doesn’t dream of a little house in the yard just for them to play in. Most likely, even you wanted that very badly when you were a child. Make your little heir’s dream come true – you don’t even need to do any complicated projects, in fact you can make a small playhouse out of old pallets too. Paint it in bright colors to create even more cheer! Check out the photo below for some inspiration:

wooden pallet small playhouse for kids

Children’s mini garden

mini garden learn kids how to take care of plants backyard ideas for kids

Love for nature should be encouraged from an early age. And how can this be done without the child spending time in nature? There is simply no other way! Make a mini garden that your kid can take care of! The easiest way is to enclose a small space using a decorative fence. Sow the plants together and let your child build the habit of taking care of them by watering them as many times as needed!

A fun learning experience

a fun learning experience outside alphabet smooth stones

If your child is about to learn to read, make the whole process an extremely fun experience by turning it all into a game. Of course, it all starts with the alphabet. So we suggest a very creative idea – arrange smooth stones (or large wooden slices) and write a letter on each of them. Arrange them in sequence to form a path for your child to walk on, learn and have fun.

Outdoor mini kitchen

small outdoor mini kitchen idea for kids

Can you imagine how you would have felt if you had your own mini kitchen when you were little? Awesome, right? Build one for the kids outside, and let them play and have fun! And you could even equip it so that they can still do some small tasks like wash the salad ingredients and help mummy, for example. Cooking is a useful activity that children can practise from a young age, and we’re sure they’ll really enjoy getting involved in it!

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